Word Doc Download Mac

Word Doc Download Mac
  • Download Microsoft Word now and edit documents anywhere. REQUIREMENTS. 1 GB RAM or above To create or edit documents, sign in with a free Microsoft account on devices with a screen size smaller than 10.1 inches. Unlock the full Microsoft experience with a qualifying Microsoft 365 subscription for your phone, tablet, PC, and Mac.
  • To open a Word document in iCloud Pages, open a Finder window (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows). Drag the.docx (or.doc) file onto the iCloud Pages app in the browser. It might take a bit of time to upload to your iCloud account, depending on how big the document is.

The trusted app for Word documents

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Microsoft Word, one of the most popular programs to create, view, edit, share, and manage Word documents, is available for your Mac device. With a simple and clean interface, the program lets you manage everything easily and quickly. Whether you’re a student, journalist, blogger, columnist, writer, or project manager, you'll find Microsoft Word will be an excellent choice.

Create and collaborate in real-time!

Designed for Mac, it’s all you need to manage Word documents.

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing applications worldwide. It is the go-to app for document creation and management. While you’ll find several word processing apps on the App Store, Microsoft Word is the better choice for all its robust and advanced features.

Using the program, you can conveniently spell check, insert pictures, merge data from MS Excel spreadsheets, display charts, and choose from several embedded objects. One of the most important characteristics of Microsoft Word is the WYSIWYG interface. It instantly matches the text on screen with the final output on the page.

For those who are concerned that the design may look unfamiliar from the original Windows version, you can count that the transition from one platform to the next will be smooth and intuitive.

Simple and clean interface

Among the most popular word processing programs for Mac, Microsoft Word has the cleanest interface. In fact, it’s supported by the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar, making it easier to work on lengthy documents. Since Word also supports the revamped macOS Mojave Dark Mode, it allows you to eliminate distractions while working on important documents throughout the day.

Rich feature list and formats

Word for Mac comes with a wide range of pre-designed templates so you can start working instantly on projects, blogs, assignments, scripts, letters, notes, and CVs. With several layout options and rich formatting to express your thoughts and ideas, it’s the best program for document editing. Unlike its competitors LibreOffice and Pages, Microsoft Word retains the pristine layout and aesthetics on all devices.

Reduced errors with intuitive tools

Microsoft Word is packaged with several intuitive tools to help you with editing and proofreading. While using Word, you won't need tools like Grammarly, since the program gives grammar, spelling, and stylistic writing suggestions as you type. With numerous tools available, you can switch among pen, paper, and digital inking conveniently.

Real-time collaboration for project management

With its real-time collaboration features, Microsoft Word takes the lead. Office 365 gives you the ability to work on the Cloud and ensure seamless integration among several apps. With just a single click, you'll be able to share your documents with anyone, anywhere.

Microsoft Word Doc Download

By the same token, anyone who opens the document will be able to add comments or edit in real time.

Easy sharing options

While most word processing programs provide you with easy sharing options, Microsoft Word goes a step ahead. With just a few clicks, you can give each person a different kind of access and permission.

In general, a main problem with sharing options in other programs is the distortion of formatting in email messages. However, when you copy the content from your Microsoft Word document to an email message, there’s no distortion. You can even attach and share documents over email without worrying about the recipient receiving error messages or misrepresented formatting.

Where can you run this program?

Microsoft Word for Mac is available both as part of the Microsoft Office 365 package and as a standalone app. Both options will require you to purchase an Office 365 subscription. Microsoft Word for Mac is compatible with Mac OS 10.12 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Word Doc Download Mac

While Microsoft Word is a good choice for Mac, you might want to consider a few alternatives. The Mac OS already has a good word processor called Pages. It offers some great collaboration features and lets you export files to Word format. However, exchanging documents with people who work on Word can be tedious. Moreover, the app doesn’t have advanced features, such as master documents and mail merges.

If you’re considering an alternative for Microsoft Word, Google Docs will be your best bet. In fact, Google Drive offers Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which together become the perfect alternative for the entire Office suite. The only drawback is that Mac doesn’t support a desktop app for these programs. When you can’t find a good option, it’s best to settle with Office.com. It gives you free Microsoft Office for Mac. Office.com is Microsoft’s basic and free browser-based service.

Our take

While Microsoft Word is synonymous with Microsoft Windows, most people don’t know that it was first released on the Mac. Though both companies have shared a constant rocky relationship, Microsoft Word has always been a mainstay on Mac devices. With ample features, clean interface, and rich formatting, Word is still a viable option for creating, editing, and managing documents on Mac.

Should you download it?

Yes, without a doubt! Microsoft Word is an excellent word processing app backed by one of the most trusted companies in the world. Over the years, updates have introduced several new features, including integration with Office 365.


  • Rich feature list
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Real-time collaboration features


  • No embedded fonts
  • Doesn’t support ActiveX
  • No integration with SharePoint and VB

Microsoft Wordfor Mac


Document editor, also called the text editor is basically a computer program. It helps you handle texts by storing, changing, and printing them according to requirement. It also displays the edited text on the display screen, and edit and save the contents. Both text document editor, as well as PDF document editor, is there as standard document editor cannot edit PDF documents. Similarly, there is document editor online for both types of documents, text as well as PDF.


Document Editor

Document Editor is an open source word processor that works on Windows versions Vista and above. The document editor based on VB.Net/WPF Ribbon user interface can work as online word document editor and it supports HTML, plain, and rich text formats. The tool supports multiple tab interfaces enabling you to edit more than one document at a time.


Wrike is the document editor online that enables you to carry out editing works in a cloud-based environment. The software dispenses with the requirements for downloading documents and allows saving in cloud storages. It not only edits text documents but also PDF document editor as well making your work easier.

Microsoft Word

Online Document Editor

Only Office offers Online Document Editor that is an extremely efficient alternative to Microsoft Word. The free document editor does not only work as word document editor online but can also edit spreadsheets and presentations as well. The one pack multiple option software is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

Other Platforms

The software discussed above is mainly compatible with Windows operating system. That means they may not work as document editor for other operating systems. However, there are also word and PDF document editor compatible with other operating systems. It would be useful learning about these downloads that would help you to determine the best one suited for your purpose.

WPS Office + PDF for Android

WPS Office+PDF document editor that is specifically designed for Android users. It has been awarded the best app for 2015 by Google Play. It is one of the smallest and all-in-one applications that help you to view, edit and work on documents from your smartphone or tablet hassle free.

XWord Free for Mac

XWord Free is specially designed for Mac users. This free document editor helps you easily and quickly access and edit word documents. In addition; it also works as the PDF document editor and presents a perfect page layout. It is also a powerful writing tool and the editor is fully secured.

Word Doc Download Free

Document Reader & Editor for Windows

XWord Free is specially designed for Mac users. This free document editor helps you easily and quickly access and edit word documents. In addition; it also works as the PDF document editor and presents a perfect page layout. It is also a powerful writing tool and the editor is fully secured.

DocHub – Most Popular Software

Document Reader & Editor is specially designed for Window users and works as an efficient document editor for Microsoft word documents in old and new formats. It can work with the Doc, Docx, as well as RTF formats. However, the software works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 only.

Word Doc Download Mac Os

How to Download Document Editor?

Word Doc Download Mac Download

Many top document editors including Dochub are free and downloading them is easy and hassle free. For instance; for downloading and using the most popular document editor online you can access the site using Google or Dropbox. You can also access the site for downloading the Dochub document editor with a valid email address. After that, it is only a matter of clicking on the download tab and following the instructions that are displayed on the screen of your device on which you are downloading the app. You can also see PDF Editing Tools

While editing word or PDF documents they can be essential at times and the task accomplished is not the easiest one. Especially editing PDF documents is very difficult. Qualitative document editor with the capability to work as PDF document editor can help you accomplish the task easily. The review of best such software can help you take an informed decision.

Word Doc Download Mac Version

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