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I recently purchased a WD My Passport 2TB (WDBYVG0020BBK) that came pre-formatted for Windows. It would like to use this interchangeably between my Windows & MacOS laptops. The drive packaging in Compatibility section says: Downloadable NTFS driver for read/write on macOS Where can I find this driver/software for MacOS Catalina? I looked at the product support page and I did not find anything. One of the strongest contenders for macOS is Microsoft NTFS for Mac by Paragon, which offers a ten-day free trial of its features. Once installed, the app will mount your Windows drives allowing. Microsoft Ntfs For Mac By Paragon Software Paragon Ntfs Driver For Mac Wd. NTFS for Mac is the best such software solution: Reliable, fast, and now affordable as well, version 14 (Paragon skipped unlucky number 13) provides unlimited read/write access to hard drives. Leveraging Paragon’s UFSD technology for the built-in SD card reader and USB 3.0 port, Western Digital customers can attach their NTFS, HFS+ and now exFAT for SDXC cards and other exFAT-formatted storage devices to WD’s Linux-based products and have rapid, transparent and full read/write access to these non-native file systems. Question: Q: WD My Passport Essential NTFS on Mac I recently bought a 13' MacBook Air, but I used to use a desktop PC as my only computer, and a WesternDigital My Passport Essential 500GB as my portable HD, so it is formated in NTFS because my PC as Windows for OS.

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Summary: It is risky to use Paragon NTFS for Mac full crack, keygen, torrent, serial license key. You can find the best alternative - iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to read-write to NTFS drives on macOS Big Sur.

Is Paragon NTFS for Mac Big Sur full crack, keygen, torrent, serial license key any good?

Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 is widely known as a professional NTFS for Mac driver which is compatible with macOS High Sierra, Sierra and earlier. With intuitive design, Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 full version allows you to mount, remount, read,write to NTFS formatted hard drives, flash drives, and SSD easily. But due to Paragon's upgrade policy, it's so expensive to keep upgraded to the latest versions, such as upgrading to Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave.

Western Digital Paragon Ntfs For Mac

Instead, many people prefer to look for Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 full version crack, keygen, torrent, serial license key, etc. However, downloading and installing Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 crack with keygen, serial number, license key on your Mac is of no good.

Wd Paragon Ntfs For Mac

Risks of using Paragon NTFS for Mac Big Sur full crack, keygen, serial, license key

1. Paragon NTFS for Mac cracked version may be harmful to drives, Mac computers and personal files.

2. Paragon NTFS for Mac cracked version may be embedded with virus or malware, adware, which will put your computer into danger.

3. Paragon NTFS for Mac cracked version may spy on you or stole your private information.

4. No tech support for Paragon NTFS for Mac cracked version.

Thus, it would be much better if you can get Paragon NTFS for Mac discount coupon code, rather than look for Paragon NTFS for Mac crack, Paragon NTFS for Mac keygen, Paragon NTFS for Mac serial number, license key, or alike. What's more, to get rid of these risks, it's always recommended to download Paragon NTFS for Mac alternative full version.

Paragon NTFS for Mac Big Sur crack alternative


Here is a legal way to getNTFS for macOS Big Sur full version. Meanwhile, we also recommend you the cheapest NTFS in App Store.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is one of the bestNTFS drivers to Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 full version crack with keygen, serial, license key. It is a professional Mac drive management tool that helps tomount NTFS drives, external drives. It can help to check and repair NTFS drives, erase multiple disks to NTFS and more.

Best NTFS for Mac - iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

  • Read and write NTFS volumes on Mac
  • Mount and unmount NTFS volumes
  • Repair NTFS file system errors
  • Erase data on NTFS disks
  • List and open all attached external drives
  • Reformat other file systems to NTFS
  • Support macOS 11/10.15/10.14/10.13
  • Full compatible with Apple Silicon M1 Mac

Tutorial to mount NTFS drive on Mac with iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

Step 1: Download, install, and launch iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on your Mac.

Step 2: Restart your Mac, then connect your NTFS drive to Mac. After that, you can read and write to NTFS drives.

If you are looking for free NTFS for Mac alternatives for Paragon NTFS for Mac, FUSE and Mounty are good choices.


After installing NTFS for Mac OS X and rebooting it is not possible to mount NTFS partition.


1. File system errors

After using NTFS drive in Windows you have detached it without removing it safely. Therefore NTFS journal has not been emptied from temporary streams.

To fix the problem, open Disk Utility under Mac OS X. You will find it in Applications – Utilities.
Choose NTFS partition on the left and find First Aid tab on the right. Under this tab you will find Verify Disk option. Run Verify and then Repair.

In most cases Verify will show a note “Native NTFS journal is not empty”. If there is no such message but other file system errors have been detected by Verify, still please run Repair.

Please take screen shots of Verify and Repair outupt just in case.

Now please detach hard disk from your computer, and then connect it back. Now NTFS volumes should be automatically mounted.

It is important:

  • Even if disk is not visible in Finder, it will still be displayed in Disk Utility.
  • Verify and Repair options are available only if Paragon NTFS for Mac is turned on in System Preferences

Wd Paragon Ntfs For Mac Download

“NTFS journal is not empty” error may appear on the drive if it wasn’t safely removed in Windows. Please always use “Safe remove” when you finish work with NTFS drive in Windows.

2. Product not activated

Please check whether driver has been activated:
Open System Preferences panel – NTFS for Mac OS X – Info
Check whether Product Key and Serial Number have been entered in respective fields and online activation has been successfully completed.

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