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Just downloaded BitTorrent and had to turn off malwarebytes to let me install. As soon as I Installed it tons of random software and chrome extensions installed at the same time. It was from the official site so I am confused as I had used Utorrent and BitTorrent in the past and it was completely fine. How to Download Torrents iOS. If you want to download torrents on your iOS device, there are two methods to do so. The first method requires you to use torrent clients.For the second method, you need to rely on third-party web-based services. UTorrent Remote UI. This app is not a torrent client. It is a remote control program uTorrent. Set up your uTorrent WebUI and manage your uploads remotely from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Add new torrents to download, watch progress, remove unnecessary.

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PUBG Mobile on iOS (iPhone/iPad) is available to download and install, no matter where you are. As long as you have access to a stable internet connection, the game will be in your hand within the shortest time prepared!

How to download and install PUBG Mobile on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Battle Royale games in PUBG mobile have been a hit to the gaming universe since 2017. Thanks for its brilliant story and astounding updates every season, the game never loses the heat. PUBG iOS comes to support gamers around the world in having fun. Also, it’s convenient to practice skills at any time.

Download PUBG Mobile on iOS

To get the PUBG iOS, your device must be qualified considering:

  • Internet connect: the game happens only when you stay associated with the server by the Internet. It’s the first step to carry out whatever last actions.
  • Specification: qualified devices are iPhone 6s or more modern. They must run on iOS 9 or later version.
  • Devices: players enable games on almost all Apple devices like iPad or iPhone, as long as they meet the above requirements on specifications.

You can have the game download below for iOS. And don’t forget to prepare enough space to contain the upcoming app.

The newest version for PUBG mobile 0.13.0 is already out, and you can try it when you want. The procedure is the same as downloading original gameplay.

Methods to install PUBG Mobile on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

If you encounter any difficulties in getting the game, don’t panic but go through every single bullet below. You will have it fixed very soon.

  • Since PUBG Mobile for iOS is only available in China, you need to change your region first. To do that, you access the App Store and check your email and name within the location record.
  • On the account page, you will see a spot where the region is waiting for updates. Fill the location blank and save it before you leave. Now, you officially activate in China.
  • Now, your App Store should update the new shelf with PUBG Mobile on it. Get it now! It may take the longest 2 minutes to have that application yours.
  • Players need to engage the game on the iOS platform by touching the icon.
  • When you have got what you need, don’t forget to update the actual location on App Store

It will take you a few tokens to start for the first time but sum up. You now have PUBG mobile secured in your phone. Let’s enjoy!

Download and enjoy PUBG iOS in other nations

Utorrent Mobile Ios App

Wherever you are, take the above tip and get the PUBG mobile. It’s such admirable gameplay that you shouldn’t waste any chance to download it. And since you see the map, it’s time to pick up your drop spot.

The game starts as soon as you decide on the drop-off location. And from that moment on, you must stay guarded, prepare for the unexpected in any scenarios you could fantasize about. You might want to visit the PUBG guide first because the game is hectic.


Other 99 players are sharing the battleground and killing each other. It would help if you tackled as many foes as possible, too, as when the island sinks, that will be more intense.

Utorrent Mobile Ios

That’s endless excitement with PUBG Mobile. Since you had the app, it has been easier to access it any time. It’s your chance to practice and gradually dominate the leader board. Android devices are cool to download and install PUBG mobile, too. However, the procedure is slightly different.

Utorrent Mobile Ios Free

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