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The MacBook Pro's Touch Bar just got its killer app: a tiny piano. Seeing the full version of Doom played solely on the MacBook Pro ’s Touch Bar was pretty cool, if a little pointless.

Touch bar piano download

Touch Bar Piano下载

Touch Bar Piano is a free app downloadable from the utsire website. The app is unsigned so you’ll have to get past the Gatekeeper warnings if you want try it out (right click and select Open). Dec 10, 2016 Dubbed Touch Bar Piano, the free app places a polyphonic keyboard for a piano right above the laptop’s traditional physical keyboard.There’s also support for multi-touch, so users are free to. Discover top 10 alternatives to Touch Bar Piano on Product Hunt. Top 10 alternatives: Touch Bar Nyancat, Touch Bar Timer, My TouchBar My Rules (MTMR), Knight TouchBar 2000, LUMI Keys, Drops, Raspberry Pi Piano Player AI, Hide My Bar, 2Touch, Scale Search by Solfej, Strike a Chord, Cloud Piano, Tonality, Free Piano Online, World Piano by Taqsim, Sound Waves, Pock, Notejumper. Appropriately named Touch Bar Piano, the software brings 128 different instruments to that touch panel above the laptop's keyboard. If you don't happen to own the latest model, the free polyphonic.

Download Touchbar Pet
(version 0.8.1)

This is currently a work-in-progress, but feel free to download and check out the beta!

I’ll be updating it every several days, check back!

Version Updates

version 0.1 – basic app
version 0.2 – tail animations
version 0.3 – pet can die now
version 0.4 – starts as a baby
version 0.5 – childhood stage, pet poops now
version 0.6 – egg and elder stage
version 0.7 – always present in touchbar. two-finger tap to use the laser pointer. the lifecycle completes when the elder transforms into an egg
version 0.8 – swipe to roll a ball, save on quit
version 0.8.2 – some more animations


How do I open the app?
You used to have to right-click the app to open it. But the latest build is notarized by Apple, so it should open normally. If you are still having problems opening version 0.5 or later, this Apple support article might help.

What MacOS version do I need to run this app?
MacOS 10.14 and higher.

I opened the app, but only see a blank window titled “Touchbar Pet”.
Look at your touchbar!

I still don’t see anything on my touchbar.
You may have changed your touchbar settings at some point.
1. Go to your computer’s System Preferences.
2. Click “Keyboard”.
3. Set “Touch Bar shows” to “App Controls”
4. Reopen the Touchbar Pet app.

What are the controls?
– Tap your pet to pet it.
– Tap poop to remove it.
– Tap the egg to hatch it.
– Tap an empty spot on your touchbar to place a food pellet.
– Tap anywhere with two fingers play with a laser pointer.
– Swipe in an empty spot to roll a ball.

Why is my pet losing health?
– Your pet is starving (hunger level is 10).
– Your pet is overfed (you fed them for a while after hunger reached 0).
– Your pet’s environment is too dirty. Tap poop to clean it up.
– Your pet is dying of loneliness. Pet them and play with them more frequently.
This list will be expanded in future versions.

How does my pet regain health?
When I’m sick, I feel better by eating enough food and getting plenty of sleep. Let your pet take naps with hunger less than 4 (but don’t overfeed them), and let them wake up on their own (don’t force them awake).

How do I keep my pet happy?
Make sure they are healthy, well-fed, and pet them often. They like a clean environment, so remove any poop. They get grumpy if they are awakened from naps too often.
This list will be expanded in future versions.

Macbook Pro Touch Bar Piano

Touch Bar Piano

We’ve already seen a few creative uses of the Touch Bar on Apple’s new MacBook Pro; some useful, like a dedicated task-switching app, and some silly, like running the original Doom on the super-narrow OLED touchscreen strip. Now there’s another option that falls somewhere in-between: a dedicated piano app.

Dubbed Touch Bar Piano, the free app places a polyphonic keyboard for a piano right above the laptop’s traditional physical keyboard. There’s also support for multi-touch, so users are free to create their next music masterpiece, or just tap out “Chopsticks.” See it in action in the video below.

The other neat feature the app offers is quick access to the sounds of 128 different instruments, not just a standard piano. There are drums, strings, and even effects like applause. The actual music sounds seem to come from the GarageBand library, and there are options for adjusting the octave and touch targets.

Touch Bar Piano

Touch Bar Piano is available to download from developer Utsire Software’s website. Just be warned that if you’re using a Mac without the new Touch Bar, the app is basically non-functional.

Touch Bar Piano

Touch Bar Piano Download Utsire

SOURCE Utsire Software

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