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  • (IPhone app) The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007.
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iphone apps torrent
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iTransmission remain as one of the best torrent clients for iPhone and iPad until today.

Torrent apps are just like gaming emulators. They’re not allowed in the App Store due to conflict with Apple guidelines. However, I have seen a few that safely landed through the approval process.

Unfortunately, they all come and go like lighting, except for iTransmission. Not to mention that you can easily install this app right on your iOS devices, even if it’s not jailbroken.

iTransmission 4

Oct 01, 2021 Step 1: First any torrent tracker website to find the torrent files that you want to download on your iPhone. For example torrentdownloads. Me,,, etc. For example, if you want to download Ubuntu from, first you need to search Ubuntu on Torrentdownloads. Download torrents with the official µTorrent client for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux with desktop and web-based options available. Using the torrent file requires dedicated software, but you won't find any available in the App Store. Instead we'll use a web-based alternative. Again, there are several to choose from. Still, Apple is obviously wary of authorizing BitTorrent downloading apps because it could hinder its iTunes market for videos and music by turning the iPhone into a pocket-sized venue for ripping.

What set iTransmission apart from its competitions is the fact that this app uses the same backend as the native BitTorrent client many people use on their Mac computers.

What does that tell us? The app is secure, robust, and easy to use.

Let’s get started:

  1. Open your Safari browser
  2. Go to the HeyPub page and tap on the Install button
  3. Confirm by pressing on the popup and wait

For jailbroken iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is go to Cydia > Search and type in the name of this torrent client. The tweak is available within the default repository so it should popup as a search result. Once you see it, choose Install and Respring.

The iTransmission app should now appear on your home screen. Opening the application will let you download torrents on your iOS device.

How to Sideload Torrent Client using Xcode

The above solution is easy, right? It nearly didn’t require anything at all except for your time. But this method is a bit tricky and will require you to have a Mac computer, Xcode installed, and some knowledge of the software.

Torrent App In Iphone
  1. Open your Xcode and create a new project
  2. When asked for information about the project, just type in appropriate details
  3. You will now get an error that says, “No matching provisioning profiles found.” Just click Fix Issue and move on
  4. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and select your device’s name in Xcode
  5. Head over to DanTheMan’s site and download iOS App Signer
  6. Under Input File, choose the iTransmission.deb and click Start
  7. You will now be given a .ipa file, go back to Xcode and go to Window > Devices
  8. In the Device information page, select the + icon and browse for the .ipa exported earlier

After the last step, iTransmission 4 should be installed on your iPhone now. Unlock the device and tap on the app’s icon.


Uh oh, you can’t open the app huh? Don’t worry, we wrote a tutorial on how to fix the Untrusted developer issue a few weeks ago.

iTransmission 5

This is a newer version of the previous package that we discussed earlier.

It’s now available as a jailbreak tweak instead of side-loaded apps that you can download on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

iTransmission 5 comes with some new features and enhancements that many people have been requesting. While using the previous version which is the iTransmission 4, I noticed that my battery was running out quickly.

How to Install iTransmission 5

  1. As mentioned, your iPhone or iPad must be jailbroken. Go to Cydia and reload sources
  2. Visit the BigBoss repo or the search feature and look for iTransmission 5
  3. Install > Confirm > and Respring

For those of you who don’t know or never heard of iTransmission. It’s a torrent client for iOS device that allows you to download torrent files of onto your iPhone and iPad.

The app is relatively easy to use, the options are easy to configure, and a clean interface that lets you browse around without any hesitation.


Torrent App For Iphone 7

  • Background downloading
  • Built In Web Browser
  • Push Notification
  • Low Memory Usage
  • Opens links from safari

After you’ve successfully installed it, the tweak should sit somewhere on your Springboard. Tap on the app’s icon to open iTransmission. In it, there are a built-in browser and a Settings page where you can adjust the app based on your liking.

One of the many features that I’m really into is called Insomnia. When this option is enabled, iTransmission will never disconnect from the Wi-Fi, thus avoiding file interruption. It does consume more power so be sure to use a charger for your iPhone.

That’s enough. This tweak is now out there on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free.

Torrent App Store Iphone

Torrent App In IphoneIphone

What about non-jailbroken devices?

Torrent App In Iphone 11

The latest version of iTransmission (5.4) is also available as a .IPA file. Which means you can use Cydia Impactor on either Windows or Mac to sideload it onto your non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad.

Can I Get Utorrent On My Iphone

The only issue is that users who use this method will have to re-do the process every seven days to avoid the app crashes upon opening due to certificate expiration.