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The new generation Symfonisk speaker lamp

Ikea’s third collaborative project with Sonos under the Symfonisk brand is the $199 Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker, a 22 by 16-inch rectangular Wi-Fi speaker that can be hung in portrait.

Keeping the launch of a future product a secret is not an easy task for almost any brand or company. If, in addition, it arouses a minimum of interest, then even less. Ikea is not like Apple, but it is true that in recent years it has been launching certain types of devices for which it has garnered good reviews.

If the Symfonisk catches your attention, we’ve covered a teardown of it in the past. Posted in digital audio hacks, home hacks Tagged audio, ikea, sonos, speaker, symfonisk. The Ikea Symfonisk Bookshelf offers an excellent, affordable introduction to multiroom music and is at its best when used as rears for a Sonos sound bar. Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect. IKEA and Sonos have joined forces to create a new table lamp speaker names the SYMFONISK building on the original device which launched back in 2019. The new version of the SYMFONISK table lamp.

Symfonisk products, speakers created in collaboration with Sonos, have been some of them. Hence, the Ikea speaker box was already filtered before its presentation and now it happens again with the second generation Symfonisk speaker lamp.

It was through a support document that a user was found by chance on the Ikea support website in Portugal. So it can be confirmed, waiting to see when it goes on sale officially, that the Swedish furniture company is going to have a new member of the Symfonisk family.

Regarding the new Ikea Symfonisk speaker lamp, it is necessary to highlight not only the slight change in shape, but also something that is very interesting for the user and the company itself: its customization capacity. It is not that it is a rainbow of options, but the new lamp will give the user the possibility to choose between two types of screens or lampshades.

On the one hand there will be the glass lampshade, which can be chosen in turn in white or black. On the other, there will be a screen that will be made of fabric and in the same way also in white or black. So, without going too far in terms of the range of options it already offers with other current products, the new Symfonisk lamp is something more customizable by the user.


Logically, these aesthetic options are also joined by improvements in what makes this product attractive: its integrated speaker that Ikea offers thanks to the collaboration with Sonos. So, in addition to the sound quality, this time there are also new features in terms of controls. Now they are in the unit itself and not in the base or plate of the previous one.

Symfonisk Macbook

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Otherwise, this new speaker will enjoy technical improvements in its components and capabilities such as the use of Apple AirPlay 2 and other novelties such as the Sonos multi-room audio. Because you have to remember that the Sonos application is used to manage the loudspeaker. Hence the collaboration between the two companies and also why this Symfonisk range is so attractive. Because at the tightest prices from Ikea the sound quality of Sonos is added.

New Symfonisk speaker lamp, price and availability

Symfonisk bookshelf

Without an official announcement yet from Ikea, the leaked supporting documents means your presentation should be close. So it will be a matter of time to see a statement from the company and its sale in the different stores that it has throughout the planet.

Symfonisk Macbook

Regarding prices, the second generation Ikea Symfonisk speaker lamp will have a cost of 129 euros just the base. Then the fabric shades or glass lampshades (available both in black and white) will have a cost respectively of 20 and 30 euros.

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So, if after that first generation you were waiting for a model that improved technical and design aspects, now it seems that the time has come.

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A support document for Symfonisk speakers has inadvertently leaked a second-generation AirPlay 2 compatible lamp with new swappable lampshades.

Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker

The new product appears to come in separate pieces, a base, and two lampshade choices. Customers can purchase any of the three in black or white.

According to a Reddit user, they spotted lampshades in an Ikea labeled for Symfonisk lamps. However, they were not compatible with the old device. After a search for the product ID, a Portuguese support document showed images of the new lamp.

The Vergeshared images of the documentation showing each component's pricing, though a release date isn't known. The lamp base is about $150, the fabric shade is about $25, and the glass shade is about $35.

The original Symfonisk lamp cost $179, which included the base and glass shade all-in-one. It has been heavily discounted and will likely be discontinued once the second-generation model releases.

Symfonisk Bookshelf Speaker Review

The new Symfonisk lamp will support AirPlay 2, according to the document, just like its predecessor. Since it is also a Sonos speaker, it can be added to an existing Sonos system and paired with other Symfonisk lamps in stereo.