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Mac Pro 3,1 is also known as Mac Pro (Early 2008).

Per this and this, Mountain Lion Server appears supported, if you have enough disk and physical memory.

Sep 01, 2021 Download. The following are the trial versions of Quick Heal products available for evaluation. Some of the products are accompanied with Quick Heal Setup Downloader. Quick Heal Setup Downloader support download resume which is essential for low bandwidth users. Looking on the Mac website, the Mini with Snow Leopard Server, faster CPU and nearly 3x the disk space is only $300 more than the standard mini. I will be using this mostly as a workstation. I intend to develop some iPhone and iPad apps with it.


You can migrate from that release, but would have to acquire and upgrade to OS X Server 10.6 either from Apple (if that's still available, and you'll almost certainly have to call Apple to get a serial number for it) or maybe a new-old-stock 10.6 server (if you can find a copy of that) if you want to upgrade.

I'd try the call to Apple first, if you really want to try the upgrade and not a migration.

Here is the Lion-related migration and upgrade information, which does reference migrations from as far back as 10.5.8.

Snow Leopard Server Download Windows 10

One potential way to migrate might be multiple external backups, then use Server Migration Assistant to haul in the old bits.

Snow Leopard Server Download Minecraft

FWIW and given the vintage of that Mac Pro 3,1 box, I'd seriously consider replacing that box with a Mac Mini Server and maybe some external Thunderbolt storage. Much smaller box, newer, and likely roughly as capable. Given the vintage of your current Mac Pro server, the upcoming Mac Pro probably well exceeds your performance and storage requirements.

There's also an OS X Mavericks release 'coming this fall' per Apple announcements.

Oct 16, 2013 11:23 AM