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How to download pokerstars on a macPokerstars On A Mac

How To Download Pokerstars On A Mac

Playing PokerStars on Mac operating system is a perfectly viable, direct-download option for Mac poker players; a far cry from just a few years back when a downloadable poker client for Mac poker fans was unheard of.

Pokerstars On Mac

PokerStars software itself might not be the cause of its failure to run. The cause might actually be your Mac OS, especially if you haven’t updated it in a while. That’s because PokerStars doesn’t support old versions of the Apple operating system. The oldest Mac OS you must have is Mac OS X 10.7, also known as Lion. Pokerstars Apple Mac They basically give you more money with which to play. This means you can play Pokerstars Apple Mac more since you have more cash and this really improves your chances of winning. The best way of taking advantage of the top casino bonuses is by finding a promotion or an offer that best suits you. Nov 29, 2006 – Show your support for a Mac Pokerstars version – 08/11/07 – Mac Poker stars screenshots – 02/14/07. I was talking to a member of the PokerStars support team earlier and he confirmed that PokerStars will be (finally) creating a Mac version. Actually, they have a whole team working on bringing PokerStars to the Mac.

PokerStars spent about a year in the development phase of its Mac-compliant poker software before finally unleashing it in beta-testing mode in January of 2008. Poker Stars was only the second online poker room to accommodate Mac poker players in such a way, and the response from Mac poker fans was phenomenal.

Those who play PokerStars on a Mac are offered the same features and functionality as the PC-compatible poker client. The complete PokerStars software with graphics, avatars, and functionality, it's all been mirrored into the Mac friendly poker client.

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Here we'll take you step by step on how to play PokerStars on a Mac operating system.

How to Play PokerStars on Mac

First, you'll want to access the Mac-compliant download file. You can download the PokerStars Mac client at their download page. When the first file download window pops up, just click cancel. This loads the download and installation page on Poker Stars, where you'll find a red text link on the right side that says 'Download the Mac version here.' Click that and you're on your way.

The other option, which is barely worth mentioning anyway because it takes too long, is to click your way through the PokerStars homepage in search of the word Mac. You'll eventually find a description of how to download and play PokerStars on a Mac.

Please note that the PokerStars software for Mac is supported by any Mac OS 10 or later. All earlier versions may experience problems running the Mac poker software at PokerStars.

Download PokerStars on Mac

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Once you've clicked the Poker Stars Mac download, a window pops up asking how you want to handle the file. You'll be given the option to 'Save' or 'Run' the file; choose 'Run'. You may also receive a security warning double-checking whether you want to run the file. Again, click 'Run' if necessary.

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