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Password Protect A Folder on Mac Using Archiver Apps Not everyone, of course, would find the above workaround as an interesting thing to do. Also, using commands on the Terminal window every single time you want to protect a folder or file using a password would be difficult for many of the users.

If you also forgot the password of your zip file, this article is for you. In this article, we have talked about some of the significant issues that people are facing nowadays to unzip the password-protected zip file. Here we have talked about some of the critical topics that are listed below:

  1. Part 2: Open Password-protected ZIP File on Android Phone (Knowing Password) Zipped files are often encountered when you download files from emails. Basically, download any files from your email and it should be compressed or password protected, let’s just say you have downloaded a zipped file from the email called 'test file'.
  2. Solution 2: Download, ZIP, Add Password and Upload to Google Drive. This method is probably easier, but you'll need to use an archive tool that lets you protect files with a password. For example, WinZip for Windows will allow you to set a password for a zipped file. Here's the stepwise process: Step 1.

How Zip Files Work

Almost everybody knows how the Folder in Windows works, what you need to do is, just drop all your files into the single Folder. Now you can transport the Folder along with all your contents in it anywhere in your computer, or you may also copy that Folder to some other hard drives.

Well, if we talk about the zip files, they also work similarly, but you may have noticed that when you drop your files in a 'folder' (Zip File), the size of the zip file is compressed to reduce the storage used.

Advantages of Zipping over Folder

Think of a folder have 20 files in it, and you want to Email that Folder to someone, is that possible? Actually no!! It is not possible to send the Folder containing 20 files. You have to carry all those 20 files individually. That's where Zip Files beats the Folder if you zip up the 20 files in a single Zip archive the size of that Zip will be compressed and you can even transmit it across the internet easily via Email as well. Also, you can encrypt your Zip file that is one most essential benefit of zip file over regular Folders.

How to open encrypted zip files

  • If you are trying to extract password protected zip file in WinRAR, it will ask you to enter the correct password as you click the OK button in the 'Extraction path and option'. It will get open only when you enter the Correct Password and then you can successfully extract the Zip file.
  • If you are trying to extract password protected zip in a WinZip, and once you click the open button, you will be asked to enter the password of that Zip file if the file is password protected. Until and unless you won't enter the right password, you cannot open/decrypt or extract the Zip file in WinZip.
  • If you are trying to extract password protected zip into the 7-Zip, you just need to enter the password once the 7-Zip Extract window appears on the screen. Once you have entered your password, click on the OK button or open a zipped file to open or extract the file.

How to open encrypted zip files without password

To unzip password-protected zipfile you need to have a tool, without it, you cannot open or unzip the password-protected zipfile. The tool regarding which we are discussing is called John the Ripper.

Follow the steps Down below that will lead you to an unzip password-protected zip file of yours.

**Note: This tutorial is applicable when you extract the downloaded file on the desktop.

Step 1 – Download the download John the Ripper tool. You can download it for the link given below:

Step 2 – The downloaded file will be in zip format, and you need to extract that file.

Step 3 – Once you Extract the zip file (John the Ripper), it will be in Folder format.

Step 4 – Open the Folder, and you will see the 'Run' folder in it.

Step 5 – Copy the unzipped password-protected zip file into the 'Run' folder.

Step 6 – Now, you need to open the command prompt from the 'Start Button'.

Step 7 – Type: cd desktop

Type: cd john180j1w

Type: cd run

Step 8 – Type: zip2john.exe [name of your file, for example,'']> hash.txt

**note: there is not [] in the command.

Step 9 – Type: John.exe [name of your file] hash.txt

Password will be shown in front of your file name.

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Bonus Tip: How to Repair the Corrupted ZIP File

When it comes to the best file repair tool to repair ZIP file, then the Stellar File Repair Toolkit comes across as the most trusted and efficient of solutions. You can use this tool to repair and recover your ZIP files, repair the corrupt MS PowerPoint files, MS Word documents, and even your MS Excel Workbooks. Think of this as your one-stop corrupt-file repair shop. With all those versatile features- you also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case the tool does not deliver the desired results, then you can easily get back all your money!

  • Allows you to repair four different types of files namely, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Zip.
  • Extremely easy to use and is designed in such a manner that anyone can use it to repair corrupted files.
  • Offers many excellent search options to find corrupted files in an instant.
  • Provides an extraordinary preview feature that allows you to see the contents of the file to be repaired.
  • Capable of recovering all of the data contained in the corrupted file.

Download Stellar File Repair Tool on your PC, launch it and with Repair ZIP File option start to repairing process.

Step 1 Select corrupt ZIP files from local drive and search.

Step 2 All corrupt ZIP file lists in the result section, and click the Repair button.

Step 3 After repairing process finished, preview the repaired ZIP file

Step 4 Save the extracted password-protected ZIP file toa desired location.

The Bottom Line

In this article we have talked about lots of crucial questions that people are facing nowadays, we have talked about how to unzip password protected zip file, how to open a password protected zip file and how to zip file works. If you forgot the password of your zip file, don't worry, in this article we have given you the step by step tutorial through which you will know how you can open the password-protected zip file.

7Zip password protect your files. By using 7Zip to archive or compress your files, you do not just organize and make the file smaller, but you can also have your data password protected with the 7Zip. And if your file is too important, the 7Zip supports AES-256 encryption to keep your data safe. That’s one of the most sophisticated and widely used security protocols by giant companies to date, which includes the CIA of U.S.

The 7Zip is one of the best archiving and compression tools in its field. It is even better than similar compression tools that are popular for some basic consumers. Also, 7Zip is not just about creating and extracting ZIP and RAR files. It supports the most number of compression formats that exist today.

On that note, it is one of the factors that make 7Zip a powerful tool in its focused field. Whether it’s for Windows, Mac, or 7Zip for Linux OSes. And if you want your files to get the highest security from a simple archiving tool, you cannot go wrong with password protect on 7Zip. Do you want proof to know which is the best tool, 7Zip vs WinRAR? Visit 7Zip Help.


  • 4 Password Protect on 7Zip
    • 4.1 Reminder

Why Do You Need Password Protect on 7Zip?

7Zip also takes advantage of the present processors that are developed with multi-core capability. As a matter of fact, it is used on benchmark tests to measure a certain processing unit’s full capacity. So it is not just a tool for file compression and decompression, it is also a tool for professionals for testing computing machines.

This is also helpful when you are trying to send ZIP files through email or any messaging platform. The password protect on 7Zip will help keep the files secured and accessible to its intended recipient only. To share the password that can open the protected file, try sending it through a different platform like through text message or a different messaging app.

Anyway, this is just an example. You can always use other arrangements and other ways to exchange information in place of a typically secured communication. The password is an indication that 7Zip is safe.

How to Use Password Protect on 7Zip?

The password protects on 7Zip is useful when you have important files on a shared computer. This will make your personal or business documents only accessible by you and you alone.

This is where it gets more interesting. The 7Zip uses the simplest approach in creating a password-protected file or archive. It uses a straightforward method that even a child can do it in just a few clicks.

Since you came here to find out how to use password protect on 7Zip, we will give you what you came here for. You will be delighted to know how simple the steps are. Anyway, here is the brief step-by-step guide on how to use password protection on 7Zip.

We understand if you want to learn every details about 7Zip. For that, you can also explore the 7Zip command line or how to fix 7Zip cannot open file.

Install 7Zip

To take advantage of the benefits of 7Zip as well as to learn how to use 7Zip of course, you have to download and install it first on your computer. The following is a guide on how to do it:

  1. The first you need to do it make sure you have 7Zip installed on your Windows or 7Zip for Mac system. If you have not yet installed one, you may download an installer from the 7Zip download page.
  2. The file is just around 1.5MB so you should have the installer in just a couple of seconds.
  3. Install 7Zip by double-clicking on the installer.
  4. Once the installation finishes, you should be able to see 7Zip on the system menu when you right-click on your mouse.
  5. If not, restart your operating system for the installation to take effect.
Password protect archive mac outlook

Password Protect on 7Zip

After installing 7zip, it’s time to increase the security of your files. Here is how you could activate the password protect feature from ZIP.

  1. Now, go to the file that you want to apply the password protect feature from 7Zip.
  2. Right-click on the file or if you want to put multiple files, all you need is to highlight all the files. You can do this by pressing the CTRL button from the keyword while clicking on the files that you want to include in the operation.
  3. Once you highlighted all the necessary files, press the right-click on your mouse to see the 7Zip option.
  4. Hover your mouse on the 7Zip to show all the menus under it.
  5. Now, find the “Add to Archive” and click on it to launch the 7Zip user interface.
  6. On the new 7Zip window, you will find the name of the compression file that you are going to create. You may rename it as you see fit or however, you want to call it.
  7. On the right side of the 7Zip window, you should see the “Encryption” portion. Under it, is the “Enter Password” blank tab, type in your preferred password inside it. Please be reminded that you have to use a password that is easy for you to remember and difficult for other people to guess.
  8. Type again the password on the “Reenter Password” empty tab.
  9. On the Encryption method, you may choose between ZipCrypto and AES-256.
  10. If you are not familiar with the other features on the 7Zip window, we suggest that you leave those alone for now. We will have some separate articles on what those features are all about.
  11. Now, if you think your password is good to go, click on the “OK” button at the bottom. This will initiate the compression process, and with it, the password protect feature.
  12. The speed of the compression process will depend on the size and quantity of the files. The bigger the file the longer that process is. If you are archiving files with the size of 500MB, it should take only 50-60 seconds.
  13. As soon as the compression finishes, the 7Zip windows will automatically close. But this time, you will be able to find a new file next to your ordinary files.
  14. That’s it. You have a compressed ZIP or 7Z file that cannot be extracted without your password.


As you can see, your original files are still there. You can choose to delete the original copies or have them saved on your external drives like USB stick or CD. You may also keep the original files on your cloud-based account, or you can save them on your smartphone.

Password Protect Archive Mac Mail

If you want to check if the operation worked, right-click on the compressed file and choose extract. It should now ask you for the password. Fail to enter the correct password and you will get a zero-sized file.

The compressed and password-protected file will be safe where you put it. But if the files inside it are far too precious, we suggest to keep them safe and secured somewhere as well just for added precaution.


The password protect on 7Zip may sound so simple, but it comes really handy when it matters. This is true especially if you are accessing a shared or public computer. Having a password-protected file adds that security and peace of mind in case you happen to forget it somewhere. Or perhaps, someone wants to steal your work, and this extra security will lend a huge help to you.

If you have not heard of password protect on 7Zip, what other measures and apps that you use to protect your files like documents, pictures, and videos? Tell us in the comment section. We would love to know what you guys are up to before learning about this great feature.

Password Protect Files Mac

If you have questions and suggestions related to this topic, please feel free to type your messages in the comment section as well. We will be monitoring the comments and participate as well from time to time. Let’s all keep a positive and helpful community. Thank you for reading this far.