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This will make curl use the default 'Basic' HTTP authentication method. Yes, it is actually called Basic and it is truly basic. To explicitly ask for the basic method, use -basic. The Basic authentication method sends the user name and password in clear text over the network (base64 encoded) and should be avoided for HTTP transport.

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  • Apr: osx: homebrew: packages: assimp: osx: homebrew: packages: assimp assimp-dev: osx: homebrew: packages: assimp atlas: osx: homebrew: packages: autoconf.
  • This uses the curl command to download files that ship within the pre-installed Ruby installation on macOS. Once you press Enter to run the command, the installer will give you explicit details on what will happen.
  • The OSX command-line download utility, curl, can resume downloads, but I had to check manually each time the download was interrupted and re-run the command. After typing 'up, enter' more times than I care to admit, I decided to figure out the automatic way. Here's my bash one-liner to get automatic download resume in curl.
curl 7.79.1, Released on the Osx22nd of September 2021. Changelog for 7.79.1.

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Chrome NaCl
Mac OS X
Midnight BSD
Open Server
Tru64 UNIX
AIX 5.1 7.72.0binaryperzl.org
AIX 5.1 7.72.0develperzl.org
AIX 5.3 7.75.0binaryMichael Felt
AIX 6.1 7.76.1binaryAIX Toolbox
AIX 6.1 7.76.1develAIX Toolbox
AmigaOS m68k7.14.0binaryDiego Casorran
AmigaOS 4 PPC7.65.3binaryMichael Trebilcock
AmigaOS 4 PPC7.65.3libcurlMichael Trebilcock
BeOS 7.12.3binaryMarcin Konicki
Chrome NaCl
Chrome NaCl 7.44.0binarywebports
DOS 7.78.0binaryMichael Kostylev
FreeBSD 7.75.0source
Haiku 7.74.0source
HPUX 11.00 HPPA7.79.1binaryconnect.org.uk
HPUX 11.11 HPPA7.79.1binaryconnect.org.uk
HPUX 11.23 ia647.79.1binaryconnect.org.uk
Hurd - Arch
Hurd Arch 7.60.0binaryArch Hurd
Hurd Arch 7.60.0sourceArch Hurd
IRIX 6.5 7.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux ARM7.79.1binaryTravis Burtrum
Linux ARM647.79.1binaryTravis Burtrum
Linux i3867.79.1binaryTravis Burtrum
Linux i3867.30.0binaryErmine
Linux MIPSel7.17.1binary
Linux MIPSel7.10.7binaryMaciej W. Rozycki
Linux PPC647.79.1binaryTravis Burtrum
Linux StrongARM7.9.7binaryDominik Radziszowski
Linux x86_647.79.1binaryTravis Burtrum
Linux - Alpine
Linux Alpine 7.79.1sourceAlpine Linux
Linux - Alt
Linux Alt 7.79.1binary
Linux Alt 7.79.1devel
Linux Alt 7.79.1libcurl
Linux Alt 7.79.1source
Linux - Arch
Linux Arch StrongARM7.78.0binaryArch Linux
Linux Arch x86_647.79.1binaryArch Linux
Linux - Clear
Linux Clear 7.79.1binaryClear Linux
Linux - Core OS
Linux Core OS stable 7.76.1binaryCore OS
Linux - CRUX
Linux CRUX 3.5 7.74.0sourceJohannes Winkelmann
Linux - Debian
Linux Debian 7.74.0binaryDebian
Linux Debian 7.74.0develDebian
Linux Debian 7.74.0develDebian
Linux Debian 7.74.0libcurlDebian
Linux - Devuan
Linux Devuan 7.74.0binaryDevuan
Linux - Docker
Linux Docker 7.78.0binaryJames Fuller
Linux - Fedora
Linux Fedora 31 7.66.0sourcefedoraproject.org
Linux Fedora rawhide 7.79.0sourcefedoraproject.org
Linux Fedora 19 i3867.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 20 i3867.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 26 i3867.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 34 i3867.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 35 i3867.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora RHEL7 i3867.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 25 PPC647.50.3binaryfedoraproject.org
Linux Fedora 30 PPC647.64.0binaryfedoraproject.org
Linux Fedora 20 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 21 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 26 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 32 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 33 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 34 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora 35 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora RHEL7 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Fedora RHEL8 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux - Frugalware
Linux Frugalware 7.79.1binary
Linux - Gentoo
Linux Gentoo 7.79.1source
Linux - GoboLinux
Linux GoboLinux 7.79.1devel
Linux - Guix
Linux Guix ARM7.74.0
Linux Guix i3867.77.0
Linux Guix x86_647.77.0
Linux - Linux From Scratch
Linux Linux From Scratch 7.79.1source
Linux - Maemo
Linux Maemo 3.2 7.15.5binary
Linux Maemo 3.2 7.15.5libcurl
Linux Maemo 4.0 7.15.5libcurl
Linux Maemo 4.1 7.15.5libcurl
Linux Maemo 5.0 7.18.2libcurl
Linux - Mageia
Linux Mageia ARM7.79.1binaryMageia
Linux Mageia ARM647.79.1binaryMageia
Linux Mageia i3867.79.1binaryMageia
Linux Mageia x86_647.79.1binaryMageia
Linux - NixOS
Linux NixOS 7.76.1sourceNixOS
Linux NixOS i3867.54.1binaryNixOS
Linux NixOS x86_647.76.1binaryNixOS
Linux - OpenEmbedded
Linux OpenEmbedded 7.78.0source
Linux - OpenWRT
Linux OpenWRT 8.09.2 ARM7.17.1binaryOpenWRT
Linux OpenWRT ARM647.50.0binaryOpenWRT
Linux OpenWRT AT917.50.0binaryOpenWRT
Linux OpenWRT 10.03 AVR327.19.6binaryOpenWRT
Linux OpenWRT 8.09.1 i3867.17.1binaryOpenWRT
Linux OpenWRT 8.09.1 MIPSel7.17.1binaryOpenWRT
Linux - PLD
Linux PLD 7.79.0source
Linux PLD i3867.79.0binary
Linux PLD i3867.79.0devel
Linux PLD x86_647.79.0binary
Linux - Redhat
Linux Redhat RHEL4 7.12.1sourceRed Hat
Linux Redhat RHEL5 7.15.5sourceRed Hat
Linux Redhat RHEL6 7.19.7sourceRed Hat
Linux Redhat RHEL7 7.29.0sourceCentOS
Linux Redhat RHEL8 7.61.1sourceCentOS
Linux Redhat 7.1 i3867.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux Redhat 9 i3867.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux Redhat RHEL2.1 i3867.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux Redhat RHEL3 i3867.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux Redhat RHEL3 x86_647.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux Redhat RHEL4 x86_647.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Linux Redhat RHEL7 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux Redhat RHEL8 x86_647.79.1binaryPaul Howarth
Linux - Slackware
Linux Slackware ARM7.79.0binaryARMedslack
Linux Slackware i3867.79.0binarySlackware
Linux Slackware PPC7.16.2binarySlackintosh
Linux Slackware S3907.12.2binarySlack/390 Project
Linux Slackware x86_647.79.1binarySlackware
Linux - SliTaz
Linux SliTaz 7.72.0sourceSliTaz
Linux - Source Mage
Linux Source Mage 7.54.1sourcesourcemage.org
Linux - Suse
Linux Suse i3867.79.1binaryopenSUSE
Linux Suse i3867.79.1developenSUSE
Linux Suse i3867.79.1libcurlopenSUSE
Linux Suse x86_647.79.1binaryopenSUSE
Linux - T2
Linux T2 7.78.0sourceT2
Linux - Tizen
Linux Tizen 2.4 7.40.1sourceTizen
Linux Tizen 2.3 ARM7.28.1binaryTizen
Linux - Ubuntu
Linux Ubuntu bionic 7.58.0binary
Linux Ubuntu focal 7.68.0binary
Linux Ubuntu groovy 7.68.0binary
Linux Ubuntu hirsute 7.74.0binary
Linux Ubuntu impish 7.74.0binary
Linux - Unslung
Linux Unslung 7.17.1binaryPierre Kretschmer
Linux - Ångström
Linux Ångström ARM7.26.0binaryÅngström
Linux Ångström i3867.26.0binaryÅngström
Linux Ångström PPC7.24.0binaryÅngström
macOS 7.79.0sourceHomebrew
macOS 7.78.0sourceMacPorts
macOS 7.77.0sourceDaniel Johnson
macOS 7.64.1sourceApple
macOS i3867.28.0binaryDaniel Johnson
macOS i3867.28.0libcurlDaniel Johnson
macOS PPC7.31.0binaryDaniel Johnson
macOS PPC7.31.0develDaniel Johnson
macOS PPC7.31.0libcurlDaniel Johnson
Midnight BSD
Midnight BSD 7.75.0binaryMidnight BSD
Minix 7.50.3sourceMinix
MiNT 7.20.1binary
NetBSD 7.79.1source
Open Server
Open Server 5 7.15.1binarysco.com
Open Server 5 7.14.1binaryBrian K. White
OpenBSD 7.79.1sourceChristian Weisgerber
OS/2 7.36.0binaryPaul Smedley
Plan9 7.28.1source9front
QNX 6 7.10.7binary
QNX 6.3 7.19.2binaryQOpenCD
QNX 6.5 7.21.7binaryQNX pkgsrc
RISC OS 7.11.0binaryJames Bursa
SailfishOS 7.68.0Niel Nielsen
SerenityOS 7.78.0sourceSerenityOS
Solaris i3867.79.1binaryOpenCSW
Solaris i3867.79.1libcurlOpenCSW
Solaris Sparc7.79.1binaryOpenCSW
Solaris Sparc7.79.1libcurlOpenCSW
Solaris Sparc647.79.1binaryOpenCSW
Solaris Sparc647.79.1libcurlOpenCSW
Solaris x86_647.79.1binaryOpenCSW
Solaris x86_647.79.1libcurlOpenCSW
Solaris - Illumos
Solaris Illumos 7.78.0binaryIllumos
Solaris - OpenIndiana
Solaris OpenIndiana 7.79.1OpenIndiana
Tru64 UNIX
Tru64 UNIX 4.0D 7.15.1binaryThe Written Word
Tru64 UNIX 5.1 7.15.1binaryThe Written Word
UnixWare 7.10.3binarysco.com
VMS 8.3 Alpha7.79.1binaryJohn E. Malmberg
VMS 8.4 Alpha7.79.1binaryJohn E. Malmberg
VMS 8.4 ia647.79.1binaryJohn E. Malmberg
VMS 7.3 VAX7.79.1binaryJohn E. Malmberg
Windows 32 bit
Windows 32 bit 7.79.1binaryChocolatey
Windows 32 bit 7.74.0libcurlVcpkg
Windows 32 bit 7.73.0binaryDirk Paehl
Windows 32 bit 7.64.1binaryStefan Kanthak
Windows 32 bit i3867.79.1binarythe curl project
Windows 32 bit - cygwin
Windows 32 bit cygwin 7.79.1binaryCygwin
Windows 32 bit cygwin 7.79.1libcurlCygwin
Windows 64 bit
Windows 64 bit 7.79.1binarythe curl project
Windows 64 bit 7.79.1binaryChocolatey
Windows 64 bit 7.74.0libcurlVcpkg
Windows 64 bit 7.73.0binaryDirk Paehl
Windows 64 bit 7.64.1binaryStefan Kanthak
Windows 64 bit - cygwin
Windows 64 bit cygwin 7.79.1binaryCygwin
Windows 64 bit cygwin 7.79.1libcurlCygwin
This colour means the packaged version is the latest stable version available (7.79.1)!

Osx Curl Proxy

If you have newer archives or archives for platforms not already present in this table, we'd like to add them to this table with a pointer to your location. Mail curl-release and tell us!

Linux Curl Examples

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The official curl docker images are available on Docker Hub: curlimages/curl.

I recently found myself at the wrong end of a crappy internet connection and needing to download a 97MB file. Safari and Chrome would both choke during the download and leave me with a unusable, truncated 4MB file, with no way to resume the download. The OSX command-line download utility, curl, can resume downloads, but I had to check manually each time the download was interrupted and re-run the command.

After typing 'up, enter' more times than I care to admit, I decided to figure out the automatic way. Here's my bash one-liner to get automatic download resume in curl:

export ec=18; while [ $ec -eq 18 ]; do /usr/bin/curl -O -C - 'http://www.example.com/a-big-archive.zip'; export ec=$?; done

Osx curl command

Osx Curl

Explanation: the exit code curl chucks when a download is interrupted is 18, and $? gives you the exit code of the last command in bash. So, while the exit code is 18, keep trying to download the file, maintaining the filename (-O) and resuming where the previous download left off (-C).

Linux Curl Upload File

Update: As Jan points out in the comments, depending what is going wrong with the download, your error code may be different. Just change '18' to whatever error you're seeing to get it to work for you! (If you're feeling adventurous, you could change the condition to while [ $ec -ne 0 ], but that feels like using a bare except in Python, which is bad. ;)