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Netflix, one of the best OTT platforms worldwide is available for a host of devices including the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Netflix app is also officially available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 computers. That said, you won’t find the Netflix app in the App Store or as a standalone installer for Mac. Mac users can only access Netflix by visiting in a supported web browser. While you can always watch Netflix in a browser on your Mac, the process certainly isn’t seamless.

I just wish Netflix allowed me to take advantage of these features and watch movies on my laptop wherever I may be. For me, saving offline is the main reason I want a Mac Netflix app. I know there exists a couple of third-party apps for watching Netflix – with some being really good at taking advantage of things like the touch bar. Netflix is available on Mac computers using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or the Safari browser. Netflix streaming features on Mac computers include: Navigation Browse rows of movie posters: The main page displays rows of TV shows and movies for you to browse. Since installing a Netflix app on your Mac is not an option, that makes it impossible to download Netflix movies or TV shows to your Mac. But there are some alternative methods you can try if you still wish to watch Netflix content offline on your Mac.

Netflix still refuses to make a Mac app, but there’s already an amazing alternative for you. The best way to watch Netflix is using its official apps, regardless of the operating system, unless.

How to add Netflix shortcut to Mac desktop or Dock

A lot of Mac users seek for Netflix app since opening Netflix website in a browser involves few extra steps. What if you can launch Netflix directly from your Mac’s Dock or desktop?

NetflixNetflix App In Macbook

Well, it’s possible to get Netflix on your Mac Dock without resorting to a paid third-party solution. You can do so by installing Netflix as an app using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This way you will be able to add Netflix to the home screen or Dock on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Now let’s see how you can get the Netflix icon on Mac desktop or Dock.

In Chrome

  1. Make sure Google Chrome is running in normal aka non-Incognito mode.
  2. Visit in Chrome browser.
  3. Tap the 3-dot menu icon at the top-right and navigate to “More Tools” > Create Shortcut.
  4. Rename the shortcut to Netflix. Select the “Open as window” option if you prefer to always open the Netflix shortcut in a separate window.
  5. Click the “Create” button.
  6. Chrome will create a Progressive Web App (PWA) for A new “Chrome Apps” folder is also added in Finder. Go to /Users/your username/Applications/Chrome Apps to view it.

To add Netflix to Dock on Mac, simply drag the Netflix web app from the Chrome Apps directory to the left section of your Dock, meant for apps.

To put Netflix on Mac Desktop, copy the Netflix app from the Chrome Apps folder and paste it to your desktop.

Now whenever you launch the Netflix shortcut, it will open directly in Chrome even if Safari or any other app is set as the default browser.

Netflix App In Macbook Plus

In Microsoft Edge

  1. Visit in the Edge browser.
  2. Click the 3-horizontal dots at the top right and select “Apps” > Install This Site as an App.
  3. Give the shortcut a custom name, if you want. Then click “Install”.
  4. A new “Edge Apps” directory will be added in Finder. Navigate to /Users/your username/Applications/Edge Apps to find it.
  5. Drag the Netflix app from the Edge Apps folder to the Dock or copy it to your Mac desktop.
Netflix App In Macbook

Alternatively, you can select “More Tools” > Pin to Finder if you want Netflix to open alongside other tabs instead of a separate window.

NOTE: I’ve tried the above method on macOS Big Sur but it should work fine on Catalina, Mojave, and earlier versions of macOS. Just make sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome or Edge.

How to create Netflix shortcut using Safari

There are instances when you might need to use Safari instead of Chrome such as:

Download Netflix App In Macbook

  • To watch 1080p content (on macOS 10.11 to 10.15) or up to 4K (on macOS 11.0 or later) since Google Chrome supports streaming up to 720p.
  • To stream Netflix content in Ultra HD (4K), your Mac should have macOS Big Sur 11.0 or later with the latest version of Safari browser, besides other requirements.
  • When you want to stream HDR content on your Mac.

Netflix App For Macbook Air Free Download

To put the Netflix web app to your Mac’s Dock using Safari, follow our recent guide “How to pin a website to the taskbar on Mac“.