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What is the __MACOSX folder?

The __MACOSX folder is created when a Mac user creates and archive (also called a zip file) using the Mac. If the Mac user sends the zip file to another Mac user, the folder will not appear - this is a hidden folder. Many files on the Mac have two parts: a data fork, and a resource fork. The built in zip utility on the Mac sequesters all of the resource forks into this __MACOSX folder when creating a zip archive. For certain files (like some font files), these resource forks are necessary to be left intact. ZipFiles4PC also has an option to preserve the resrouce forks without creating the __MACOSX folder.

When the Mac user sends the zip file to a PC user, however, all of the hidden files are shown. PC users are often confused by these (seemingly superfluous) files and folders. You can use our Zip Files for the PC utility to create zip files that contain neither the __MACOSX folder, nor the .DS_store files! You can download the free trial version today (see the link on the left) or you can buy it now using PayPal.

Select Compress from the right-click menu. Wait for the process to complete. Depending on how many files you are compressing, this could take several minutes. The filename will be the same as the file or folder that you selected to compress. Compressing multiple files or folders will create a file named Unzipping a zipped file on Mac is (usually) just as easy as zipping one. First, navigate to the file’s location in Finder. It should look like a piece of paper with a zipper going through it. To unzip it, just double-click it. All of the compressed files should instantly appear in the same folder unzipped. Zip a file: zip file; Zip a folder: zip -r folder/ Unzip an archive: unzip; Using Ditto from Terminal. The ditto command is a very strong utility tool in macOS. Unlike zip, ditto can perform different operations, including copying files and folders, merging the contents of different folders. On your Mac, do any of the following: Compress a file or folder: Control-click it or tap it using two fingers, then choose Compress from the shortcut menu. If you compress a single item, the compressed file has the name of the original item with extension. If you compress multiple items at once, the compressed file is called

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Macos Zip Folders

Supported OSs:

Big Sur (11.0)Zip
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El Capitan (10.11)
Yosemite (10.10)
Mavericks (10.9)
Mountain Lion (10.8)
Lion (10.7)
Snow Leopard (10.6)
Leopard (10.5)
Tiger (10.4)
Panther (10.3)

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