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This is a documentation of the steps I'm taking in order to upgrade my Hackintosh from High Sierra to Mojave. I'll be following this guide:

  1. The following videos demonstrate the installation process for macOS Big Sur (macOS 11), macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), and earlier versions of Mac OS X - all the way back to Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) - on PC hardware.
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First I opened my Clover Configurator. It always takes me a few minutes to remember exactly what I'm doing in here.

(macOS Mojave dropped support for old hardware, it is still possible to install Mojave on PC with third-party tools but it is not worth the effort). Clover UEFI is used as default macOS bootloader. Added Support for Apple File System (APFS), It is also possible to Install macOS Mojave without converting to APFS, still, you can use Mac OS X. Complete Guide To Fix VirtualBox Errors While Installing Mac OS X At the WWDC 2018, Apple released the new macOS 10.14 Mojave — Packed with a significant number of features. The newly designed macOS is integrated with advanced security in a new interface, unique appearance, new features, new functions. To Install macOS Mojave on VMware on Windows 10 using a pre-made ISO filled with only macOS Mojave setup then go through the step by step guide down below and do exactly as the guide is shown. Newer versions of macOS are out, So check the guides below to install them.

Click on 'Mount EFI' under the 'Tools' section on the left side. The EFI partition on a disk is where the bootloader lives. It gets the computer to boot into the OS properly.


Next, mount the EFI partition that you boot from. For me, it's on my primary disk where OS X is installed. Click 'Mount Partition'. After it mounts, 'Open Partition' will enable, and you can click that to open it in a Finder.

The first line of the tonymacx86 guide says to make sure your Clover is at least r4515. That's a check for me after looking in the Clover_Install_Log.txt file. At the top, it confirms that I'm on r4558.

I like to backup my disk before I start the upgrade just in case my computer bricks. I use Carbon Copy Cloner. This creates a bootable clone of your drive, and if the OS X upgrade fails, you'll be able to boot into a clone of your system.

Macos Mojave Hackintosh Nvidia

Downloaded Clover v2.5k-5103 and ran the PKG file to upgrade.

Download OS X Mojave 10.14.6 installation. Under Step 4, there is a link to open the App Store page for the Mojave installer.

At this point, my EFI boot drive was botched. Apparently you need to update a bunch of kexts for Mojave, but I did not do these steps. I got around this by creating a bootable USB drive with Mojave.

Under Option 2 at the bottom, there is a prepared EFI folder. Replace the EFI folder on your main drive with this one. I backed up my previous EFI folder by renaming it.

Now you should be able to boot into your old OS by using the UEFI boot partition on your USB drive, which will bring up a clover boot menu that lets you select the appropriate boot option. For some reason, I'm only able to boot into the system by enabling the verbose (-v) flag. You can enable this by pressing space after highlighting your desired boot option, selecting verbose, and then selecting 'boot with the selected options'.

I also had to disable my serial port in the BIOS after running into an error where everything was hanging at 'STUCK at Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement : rootless. Install'

After disabling the serial port, I was able to boot into the 'Install Mac OS' boot option on my main disk. After restarting about 5 times and continuously booting into this option with the verbose flag on, I was finally able to install Mojave successfully.

My thunderbolt connections stopped working. I'm going to be trying my old guide of to see if I can get it working again...

OK so also, Preview on JPG files stopped working. Looks like there is a fix here:

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