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  • The Dock desktop widget allows you to organize all your favorite programs, functions and apps in a neat and minimalistic way. The horizontally running black bar is elegant and comes with a launcher that makes access to such icons as My Computer, Photos, Music, Videos, Downloads, Facebook, Gmail and many other apps quite effortless.
  • Jul 30, 2016 catalina customization macos mojave nexus skin theme winstep dock rocketdock windows10 I use this on Nexus Dock in Windows 10, but it should also work in RocketDock. Include San Francisco font and Windows 10 Cortana, Groove Music, Movies & TV, start, and trash icons.

Social Dock is an eye-catching skin that comes with a well-lit shortcuts dock and a definitive city background theme. So the entire look can be least described as lively and classy. With Social Dock launcher, you can enjoy swift access to such shortcuts as Google, Twitter, Gmail, Facebook, DeviantArt, YouTube and more. As for third-party Taskbar customization software, RocketDock is a good choice. It allows you to change icons and pin shortcuts anywhere on the desktop. In addition, it can make Windows 10 have a Mac OS Dock look. Of course, some tricks can also create a Mac OS Dock look on Windows 10 without third-party software (this will be demonstrated later).

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Macos dock rainmeter
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The bland default desktops of Windows don’thold a candle to the beautiful displays RainMeter can create, but Mac usersfind themselves left out in the cold. RainMeter doesn’t support Mac, and unlessyou want to run Windows via Bootcamp, you can’t modify your desktop to theextent RainMeter allows—or can you?

GeekTool is the MacOS alternative toRainMeter. It grants the same level of customization as RainMeter does withjust a bit extra work. There is some scripting involved, but don’t let thatintimidate you—GeekTool really is easier to use than it looks. Here’s how toget started.

The first step is to make sure you have the proper version of GeekTool. The official version is from Tynsoe Projects. While we can vouch for that download, we cannot guarantee any others will be safe.

Once you have downloaded and run theprogram, move it into your Applications folder. This will not only protectagainst wipes of your download folder, but it will allow GeekTool toautomatically update when new versions release.

After you launched GeekTool, you will be greeted by its primary window. Make sure to click Automatically launch at login and Show in menu bar. Launching the application at startup will ensure your Geeklets operate as you intend, and placing the tool in the menu bar makes it easy to access all of the GeekTool options.

When you first open GeekTool, you’ll see ascreen that looks a lot like this.

GeekTool comes with no clear-cut instructions, but it’s as simple as dragging and dropping what you want. Select the Shell option and drag it out beside the screen. It will create an empty “shell” on your desktop.

When you select the shell, you’ll get a Properties screen like the one seen on the right side. Here’s where it can get tricky. From personal experience, we recommend you don’t mess with the positional settings. Just drag the shell where you want it to go rather than trying to guess what the on-screen coordinates might be.

Next is the fun part.

Beside Command: and the blank white line are three little dots. Tap them. Tap the dots. It will open a blank white screen with the heading Edit Script. Enter whatever you want into the window. When you press the red circle in the top left corner to exit, it will ask if you want to save the script. Click yes.

Once you’ve done this, whatever command youentered will appear in the shell. Of course, you need to enter text the scriptcan understand. Here are a few examples:

  • Day: date “+%A”
  • Date: date +%d
  • Month: date “+%B”
  • Time: date +”%l:%M”
  • Display text: echo + text

These are just a few basic examples of the kinds of commands you can enter into GeekTool. A more comprehensive list can be found at the official repository of Geeklets (although it has been a while since more were added) or on the GeekTool subreddit.

If you want to display the way text looks, just click the button that says Click here to set font % color. It will open a Microsoft Word-like toolbar for changing the font, the size, the color, and much more.

The three other options are very similar.

Image places an empty shell which you can fill with an image of yourchoice. It also has an easy, one-click option to display a random image fromthe directory. You can change the refresh rate to whatever length you want soit cycles through images at a specific interval.

Web lets you link to a website or include an HTML script on yourdesktop. While you can, in theory, have an entire web page show up on yourdesktop, it doesn’t exactly work right. This shell comes in handy for scriptsthat rely on input from the web, such as the weather or stock information.

Log lets you keep an eye on what’s happening inside your computer. Thisis for the truly tech savvy out there that want to monitor their system’s coretemperature, CPU usage, and more.

If you’ve tried out a few features onGeekTool and found it to your liking, the next step is to implement morecomplex commands. GeekTool is a powerful tool, and if you learn a base amountof coding to help you navigate the various commands, there is almost nothingyou cannot do. Just take a look at some of these desktops from users on thesubreddit.

This desktop is nothing short of beautiful.It displays the song that’s currently playing, the temperature and weatherconditions outside, and the date and time.

This desktop is more complex. It usescircular graphs to show CPU and RAM usage, has a reminder at the bottom of thescreen, and several other functions.

You can create a desktop just like this. Those background images are just photos the users found and set as their desktop image, and then they overlaid the GeekTool settings on their screen.

Mac Os Dock Rainmeter Download

One of GeekTool’s strengths is that you can place folders and files on the desktop without any interference with the functionality, even if the folder is directly on top of one of the shells. Once you close out of GeekTool, you can click on any icon on screen like normal.

What Comes After GeekTool?

While GeekTool still has a strong, nichecommunity, some people are of the opinion the application is on a downhill slide.Recent MacOS updates have made some of the scripts and commands invalid. Wetested GeekTool on the most recent MacOS update and it worked just fine, butMojave seems to cause interference with certain scripts.

There are other programs that serve a similar function to GeekTool (like Nerdtool), but they have not yet caught on with the same level of popularity of the community support.


Until GeekTool is officially no longer supported, we recommend learning your way around a few basic scripts and experimenting with how you can customize your desktop.

Macos Dock Rainmeter

Macos Dock For Rainmeter

Note:while it isn’t likely, GeekTool can grant access to system-level commands. Becareful when using the Log shells and other commands that access system files.