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I've found my partially downloaded update files in /private/var/folders/<blah>/<blah>
The <blahs> appear to be some hash of either the computer or the software being downloaded. Try the following:
Open a Terminal
sudo find /private -name ' SomePartOfTheDriverNameYouAreLookingFor' -print
then sudo cd <the directory shown above>
Note I don't see /private in finder because of the permissions on it (hence the need for sudo above).
Also note, I had one directory in <blah> named -Cache- which is tricky to cd into because the leading - is perceived as an argument to cd, so I just cd into the entire directory path instead.
Finally, be wary doing things as root (sudo) as you can end up damaging your OS (so don't go around removing files you are not sure about)

Step 3: Choose Update/Upgrade Now. An 'Update Now' option is used when your current macOS version has some minor updates. While 'Upgrade Now' is used when a new macOS with a new name is installed. Also, you can check the 'Automatically keep my Mac up to date' option to install new updates automatically.

May 31, 2009 9:05 AM

As you try to update to macOS Monterey, you'll find there are a mess of macOS update stuck problems that stop you from moving on.

  1. Hi, i want to update macos mojave security update 2021, safari 14.0.2/14.0.3 but it forces me to also upgrade to Bigsur. My problem with upgrading is that my mac has a total of 60gb of storage, 37,8gb of which is the os and around 15gb is what i used. I have around 1.8gb left and i also cant afford to delete half of my documents.
  2. Big Sur is the current version of macOS. It arrived on some Macs in November 2020. Here's a list of the Macs that can run macOS Big Sur: MacBook models from early 2015 or later. MacBook Air models.

Each time a new Mac operating system updates, a plethora of Mac users would rush to download and install the macOS. There is no exception for macOS Monterey, which has just been released as a free upgrade for users. It features with many significant changes in Monterey compared to Big Sur, including universal control, Facetime, Airplay, shortcuts, safari, etc.

Many users reported that macOS download stuck, installation failed, an error occurred while installing this update, installation stuck on grey/space screen or failed issue when they attempt to get it upgraded. Concerning such miscellaneous macOS Monterey update stuck issues, this article covers a collection of macOS Monterey update failed problems and solutions.

Read more: Fixes to macOS 12 Monterey update stuck & any other update problems.

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What Should do Before Upgrading to macOS 12 Monterey?

Although the every new macOS upgrade comes with certain exciting features, you need to know if your Mac computer can safely be updated (take Monterey as an example). If you pay no attention to the details, macOS Monterey update problems come with you for sure, probably your Mac update stuck or Mac failed update won't boot. Here are some of the things that you should look for before you upgrade to the new update.

  1. Check compatibility. Monterey requires any of the following Mac models: iMac Pro 2017 or later, iMac late 2015 and later, MacBook Pro early 2015 and later; MacBook Air early 2015 and later; MacBook early 2016 and later; Mac Pro late 2013 and later; Mac Mini late 2014 and later.
  2. Check minimum software and hardware requirements. You should have OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 or later. It requires at least 35.5GB of storage space to perform the Monterey upgrade from macOS Sierra or later, 44.5GB from an earlier release.
  3. Backup your Mac. To avoid any possible macOS Monterey update problems, making a backup of your Mac comes essential. You can backup Mac with Time Backup Machine, iCloud, iTunes, or any other third-party Mac backup tools like MacX MediaTrans.

Common macOS 12 Update Stuck Symptoms & Solutions

1. Monterey 12 Update Download Stuck

As you attempt to download macOS 12 Monterey installer, you may be noticed that 'Installation requires downloading important content. That content can't be downloaded at this time. Try again later.', or 'An error has occurred.' Monterey download times are slow this year and are always failing. It's exceedingly annoying, but there is no way to bypass this step for macOS update.


Usually Mac update download failed error is originated that you download the package from somewhere other than Mac App Store or you just downloaded the Beta version. So you need to go to Mac App Store and download the official macOS Monterey instead to fix it. Overloaded Apple's server is also a main cause. Learn the right way to update to Monterey >>


2. macOS 12 Monterey Installation Failed, An Error Occurred


Installation failed, an error occurred while installing this update while upgrading to Monterey. It got to about 10% or halfway and failed, some users cannot even reconnect. Many users are getting the same error. The macOS Monterey installation failed error is properly caused by overloaded Apple's server, there are tons of users rushing to download now. You can check on the status on Apple's support system status page. Wait for a while and try again.

Apple resolved the issue, however, some users still get macOS Monterey installation stuck message. Read more: What to Do If macOS Monterey Installation Stuck/Frozen/Slow

3. Failed to Update macOS Owing to Insufficient Storage

You know, Monterey update requires at least 2GB RAM and 14.3GB available storage. So if your Mac computer almost ran out of the storage space, your macOS update stuck at the beginning for sure. To make sure how much space your Mac has left, from the Apple menu, select About This Mac >More Info >Storage.

If your Mac update failed definitely owing to the storage space, the only thing you need to do is to free up the space on Mac. Just make it done by uninstalling unused applications and app caches, deleting old devices backups, deleting unnecessary media files from iTunes, emptying trash can, clearing temporary files, compressing large files to smaller size and so on.

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4. macOS 12 Monterey Update Freezes on Firmware Confirmation

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The inability to verify firmware error is the mainly reported macOS update problems. Many users said as they try to update to Monterey, the installer noticed that there is an error checking the firmware. Actually, it turns out to be a corrupted EFI partition. It's an MS-DOS formatted little slice that's needed when updating the computer firmware.

You can boot into rescue mode, checked the partitions with 'diskutil list' and 'verifydisk' (terminal), and fixed the EFI partition 'diskutil repairdisk (your EFI disk/partition) '.

5. Monterey Update Installation Stuck with DiskManagement Error

After downloading the new macOS for my MacBook pro (mid-2012) with HDD, the computer restarted but continues to fail during the installation. The error I keep getting is . I completed a disk repair but no errors popped up there, so I assume nothing is wrong with the drive. I tried to reinstall macOS from recovery mode, but I continue getting this same error. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? - Apple Support

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As the DiskManagement Error happens, you can try to fix it within the following steps: 1. Start in recovery with ALT+CMD+R > 2. Go to disk utility > 3. Convert the volume to APFS > 4. Restart the installation

6. Monterey Update Stuck on Gray Screen

It's not always a gray screen, as strange as that may sound. The 'gray screen' problem can also manifest itself as a black screen, space screen with Apple logo, a spinning gear, a spinning globe, or a prohibitory sign. Mac update stuck on gray screen problem can occue right after you start or restart your Mac. It may be caused by a bad peripheral or peripheral cable, RAM issue, Drive issue or whatever.

Before you start to fix the macOS update stuck on gray screen problem, you need make sure what's the cause. Then you can disconnect all external peripherals, remove all but the minimum amount of RAM from your Mac, use Single-User mode to repair a Startup Drive. I think the problem will be fixed.

After you have fixed the macOS Monterey update stuck problem, you can enjoy the salient new features of Monterey. But at the same time, some new troubles might trouble you as well, such as like macOS Monterey running slow, some apps get damaged or non-Apple Apps cannot be opened, Safari crashed, Mac gets overheated, or the Monterey keeps logging you out etc. So think twice before you upgrade to macOS Monterey, and if you encounter any Monterey update problems, pick the macOS update problems and fixes as a reference.

Make A Backup of Your Mac Before Update

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