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However, splitting and joining files are bit tricky with 7-zip. There are 2 ways you can split files using 7-zip. While making a compressed file, choose the options to split. Navigate to the folder you want to compress and select the files. Click the button 'Add' in the toolbar. It will open a dialog box. Zip -r -s MaximumSize FolderName/ As the name suggests, the MaximumSize part is the maximum possible size each split file should be. It is specified as a number and is in MB by default. If you want to change the file size but keep it in MB, simply change the number. Split and Combine. You have a file too large to fit on a disk or send by email? With Archiver you can split files into smaller files of any desired size. Optionally compress the split files to squeeze out some extra space, or checksum them for added security.

WinZip® makes it easy to create Zip files (.zip or .zipx) that are split into smaller pieces of a size that you specify. There are several reasons why you might want to do this, such as:

  • To assist with large downloads. Some users may have difficulty downloading very large Zip files from web sites, FTP sites, etc. You can use the split Zip feature to break large files into smaller pieces that can be downloaded separately.

  • To overcome email size limits, as an alternative to sharing the Zip file to the cloud. Some email systems limit the size of attachments. If you want to email a large Zip file that exceeds your limit, sharing is usually the easiest solution, but, if that is not an option, you can also split the Zip file into smaller parts and email them separately.

To split an existing Zip file into smaller pieces

If you have an existing Zip file that you want to split into multiple pieces, WinZip gives you the ability to do that.

Using the WinZip Ribbon interface

  1. Open the Zip file.
  2. Open the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Split dropdown box and select the appropriate size for each of the parts of the split Zip file. If you choose Custom Size in the Split dropdown list, the Custom Size (MB) field will become active and allow you to enter in a custom size specified in megabytes.
  4. Open the Tools tab and click Multi-Part Zip File.
  5. In the Split window, browse to the location where you want to create the new split Zip file.
  6. Type in the file name for the new split Zip file in the File name box.
  7. Click OK.
  8. WinZip will create your split Zip file using the size you specified in step 3 as the maximum size for each part. The result will be one file with a .zip or .zipx extension, and additional files with numeric extensions: .z01 or .zx01, .z02 or .zx02, etc.

To create a new split Zip file

You can create a new split Zip file with the WinZip submenu of the context menu.

  1. Open WinZip and follow steps 2 and 3 above (unless you know the size is set as you want it already).
  2. Highlight the file(s) and/or folder(s) you want to use to create a split Zip file in Windows Explorer or on the Desktop.
  3. Right click in the highlighted area and choose Create a Split Zip File from the WinZip submenu of the context menu.
  4. In the window that opens, change the file name and the destination if you wish, and choose other options, then click Create.


  • Each of the segments of the split Zip file will have a different extension. WinZip creates files with names like Data.z01 or Data.zx01, Data.z02 or Data.zx02, and so on, except for the very last segment of the new Zip file. The last segment will always have either the .zip or .zipx extension, respectively, based on the compression method used when creating the Zip file (e.g.,, Documents.zipx).
  • To open the split Zip file, open the file with the .zip or .zipx extension. Don't try to open any of the files with the numbered extensions; WinZip won't recognize them as Zip files.
  • Once the split Zip file has been opened, you can work with it much as you would work with a regular Zip file, except you can't add any new files or remove existing files. Some operations such as creating self-extracting Zip files and editing comments are also disabled for split Zip files.
  • The sizes listed as 1.2MB, 1.44MB, and 2.88MB are approximate. The segments of the split Zip file are sized appropriately to fit on media of the specified size. You cannot, however, use decimal points when specifying sizes in the Other size field.
  • The split Zip file format is an extension of the Zip 2.0 specification. Therefore, some Zip utility programs may not be able to open split Zip files. Please see Split Zip file compatibility information for more details.

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Why should one want to split and recombine files? For instance, think of a file of 50 Mb, and try to send it to a friend, post it in a newsgroup or upload it to a Website or FTP server. It is usually easier to send/receive, upload/download smaller parts than handle the entire file in one go. The other reason is you can easily hide important files by splitting them into 2 files and save them in 2 different hard disks, making it impossible to be stolen.

Mac Zip Split Large Files Free

Mac Zip Split Large Files

😭 😍 😂 4 Free Batch PDF Compressor To Reduce, Shrink, Optimize And Condense Large Files

↓ 01 – FFSJ

Fastest File Splitter and Joiner, FFSJ consists of two main programs: File Splitter and File Joiner. File Splitter enables you to split a large file into small chunks which are easy to be sent and stored, while File Joiner allows you to join these split parts together so that the original file is restored.

  • Very fast – FFSJ can optimize disk-cache and memory usage, this makes FFSJ 3-5 times faster than HJ-Split, WinSplit, MasterSplitter in both splitting and joining tasks. Of course, it is much faster than any compression program.
  • Simple – FFSJ works well on all Windows platforms. FFSJ-Lite doesn’t need any requirement of installations or complicated DLLs. FFSJ-Standard has only one simple installation package for integrating FFSJ into shell context menu.
  • Small – Both FFSJ-Lite and FFSJ-Standard editions are small enough to fit on a floppy disk.
  • Easy to use – FFSJ has a friendly user-interface, it can be used to split any file. FFSJ-standard can also create its shell context menus in order to perform splitting and joining tasks directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Easy to be integrated – Since v3.0, FFSJ published its command-line interface. End-users can split/join multiple files using a .BAT file. Developers can write their own interface (in any language) to perform splitting/joining tasks from their applications.
  • Secure – FFSJ uses an advanced encryption algorithm to make your data much more secure from unauthorized access. Since v2.9, MD5 checksum algorithm has also been integrated to verify data integrity.

↓ 02 – GSplit

GSplit is a free reliable file splitter that lets you split your large files, such as compressed archives, text and log files, backups, disk images, video and document files…, into a set of smaller files called pieces.

  • Let you select from two basic file splitting options: disk spanned (split into a set of files varying in size auto-calculated by GSplit based on available free disk space and saved immediately to spannable removable disks) or blocked (split into a set of same sized split files). You may enter the size for each piece file, the number of pieces you want to obtain, or the number of lines/occurrences of a pattern by piece.split files
  • Make pieces Self-Uniting: GSplit creates a small stand-alone executable file that will put all of the pieces back together. This executable provides your users with an intuitive Windows interface whose appearance can be customized according to your needs. Thus GSplit is not required in order to restore the split file.
  • Store file properties like file dates and attributes, and restore them contrary to batch files.
  • Perform fast checks (size, offset, CRC32) in order to detect file corruption and to give you the assurance that your files are successfully restored by your users. When a piece is corrupted, you are notified about it, so you just need to get a new copy of that piece, not the whole set.
  • Split very large files, with sizes higher than 4 GB, without any problem.

↓ 03 – KFK File Splitter

KFK is a user-friendly file splitter. with KFK you can chop large files into smaller chunks. It can help you transfer a large file on floppy disks or a larger file on CD or DVD. KFK can also burn the files onto CD/DVD and generate an automatic rebuild file so that KFK is not required to regenerate the original file.

  • User friendly file split/rebuild interface.
  • Notepad’s cut splits files into 60 Kb files.
  • CDRom’s cut splits files into 650/700Mb files.
  • USB Key’s cut splits files into 64/128/256Mb files.
  • Disk Spanning (multi-floppy disks backups)
  • Supports CD Burning (Requires CopyToDVD)

↓ 04 – NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner

NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner is a handy freeware application which allows you to quickly split or merge files. The application can be used to split a big file, for example of 10 GB, into smaller files, allowing users to save the file to USB devices or to CD-ROMs. The split files can then be joined to recreate the original file, the merging process is very quick and it does not stress CPU, neither does the splitting process. Works great on Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Works very fast and without using too much memory
  • Splits large files in customizable sizes, enter value in KB or MB
  • All divided files can also be easily and quickly rejoined
  • splitting of files bigger than 4GB in file size
  • Built-in MD5 checksum tool for calculating MD5 file checksum
  • Run it from the USB flash drive with the portable version
  • Very lightweight in the memory and CPU usage

↓ 05 – PeaZip ( File Splitting Function )

Splitting a file in PeaZip you can select the volume size from a series of pre-set sizes (floppy disk, typical mail attachment maximum size, CD, DVD…) or you can customize it up to byte level. PeaZip fully supports, for splitting and merging, raw split format – binary data plainly cut in pieces of the exact specified size – that can be created, also, by utilities like 7-Zip/p7zip, HJSplit, and “split” Unix command. PeaZip can process, only for merging, WinZip spanned archives (.Z01) and WinRar spanned archives (.R01, or .partX.rar).

Split Large Files Free

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