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The most recommendable way to create a bootable install usb drive for mac os is using 'createinstallmedia' command with terminal application. step 1: download macos or os x. the first thing to do is to download the mac operating system that you need. download mac os x el capitan 10.11.1 dmg free latest standalone offline setup. To do in windows, we already shared a very specific instruction from here: make bootable installation usb from mac os x.dmg on windows pc. at for mac users, there will be 2 doable methods. method 1: using diskmaker x. run, diskmaker x, then.choose el capitan (10.11). next, choose use another copy. double click on el capitan.dmg to mount it. Therefore, you can create bootable usb for your mac using transmac on windows 10 7 8 8.1 here you will learn the easiest method of creating bootable usb. as you know that mac os el capitan is the newest version among mac. in here just follow my steps to create a bootable usb installer for your mac. is the twelfth major of the mac operating system. Now create bootable usb for mac os el capitan on windows. now it is the time to create a bootable usb installer using transmac, to install mac os el capitan on virtualbox on windows 10 you need a bootable usb here you will learn the steps of creating a bootable usb installer for mac os el capitan on windows. Download: os x el capitan this downloads as a disk image named installmacosx.dmg. on a mac that is compatible with el capitan, open the disk image and run the installer within, named installmacosx.pkg. it installs an app named install os x el capitan into your applications folder.

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Format the USB drive. Click the Partition tab. Under the Partition Layout header click on the 1 Partition option in the drop-down menu. Click the Format drop-down menu and select Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Bear in mind that this will erase all data from the USB drive, so backup any important files before proceeding. On your Mac, open up Disk Utility. Click on the USB Drive on the left. On the right pane, go to the Restore tab. Click on the Browse button and locate the.dmg installer for OS X Lion. (ie macosx10711a390.dmg) 4. How To Create macOS Catalina Bootable USB on Windows: Step by Step. This is a 4 step process, so please make sure you do not skip any part of it and eventually get frustrated with the failure.

Paint mac download [ni(dmg)]2 coordination number write a dmg file to a flash drive download mac cleaner full version for free os x el capitan dmg mac hardware cleaner shield 5e dmg how to download pics from iphone to mac create bootable usb mac os x el capitan with dmg kirkman dmg with folic acid icon dmg. Download: os x el capitan this will be downloaded as a disk image named installmacosx.dmg. on a mac that is compatible with el capitan, open the disk image and run the installer within, named installmacosx.pkg. it will install an app named install os x el capitan into your applications folder. Click on erease to format the usb and create the disk. click continue, you then are asked for admin and password. wait for a while until the process is finished completely. method 2: use terminal. mount the el capitan.dmg, then right mouse on install os x el, choosing show package contents. copy high sierra to a flash drive.

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Osx 10.11 El Capitan How To Create A Bootable Usb Flash Drive Guide!

as usual, apple no longer supply a bootable usb flash drive with latest os x releases including the new os x 10.11 el capitan. using this tutorial you will be here i teach you how to make a bootable usb drive with os x el capitan and how to clean install the operating system on your computer. how to create a make a bootable usb flash drive to install panther os x , tiger osx, leopard osx, snow leopard osx, lion osx, mountain lion osx, mavericks osx, with this video i want to show you how we can create an installation usb with mac os el capitan 10.11 with terminal command: sudo applications install os x codes will be updated in the future, if you are watching this video 5, 10, 20 years from now you will find the updated code here. recommended usb sandisk this is so simple to install macos from usb, you just need to create boot able usb flash drive and using windows computer and then complete installation. install download link: tutorials4views 2018 06 transmac download link for tutorial in this tutorial we will show you step by step how to create thank you so much for watching my video! hit that like and subscribe button! here is the sudo command for terminal. sudo command for terminal: sudo ios 9 and swift 2 developer training program special $10 marsoftek cyber monday early ios development course 10 sudo in this video, you will see: how to create bootable macos catalina iso & dmg file on a mac? don't forget to like, share & subscribe. if you don't like this in this video you will learn how to create a bootable usb drive with any mac os x version, simply copy the terminal codes below and paste in terminal, choose motherboard repair tutorials step by step, download motherboard repair pdf books under the link below laptop repair book free

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Related image with create bootable usb mac os x el capitan with dmg yellowwed

A DMG file is essentially Apple's format for mountable disk images in Mac OS X (macOS) computers. When opened, it mounts a virtual disk on the computer, and is normally used for installing new applications. DMG file is usually encrypted and compressed, unlike ISO, which is an uncompressed disk image format.

While DMG files are usually downloaded from the Mac App Store, they can also be burned to a USB disk when you want to install a utility on another machine. In such cases, you will need to create a bootable macOS disk or burn it to a USB flash drive so it can be used on another system for OS installation. This article shows you four different ways to burn .dmg file on Windows PC or Mac.

P.S if you did not download the macOS dmg file, here are a few useful links to download Big Sur, CatalinaMojave and High Serria.

Part 1: How to Burn DMG to USB on Mac for Free (Disk Utility)

The native disk image utility on Mac is ideal for burning a DMG to a USB drive. Once you burn the file to the drive, this drive can be used to install the associated application on any other Mac system. The process may vary slightly depending on which version of Mac OS X your computer is running, but the steps below will give you a fair idea of how the process should be carried out.

Step 1: Go to Applications >>Utilities >>Disk Utility and click on it to launch the program.

Step 2: On the left, you'll see all the available drives. Insert the USB drive and watch as it appears on that list.

Step 3: Now open a Finder window and locate your DMG file. Drag and drop it under the drive names in the Disk Utility app.

Step 4: Select the file, and then click on 'Burn' in the same window. In the popup that appears, select your destination drive, which is the USB flash drive you want to burn the DMG file to. Click 'Burn' in the popup window.

Once the process is complete, remove the USB stick and use it to install the application associated with that DMG on any other Mac computer.

Mac Os Dmg Bootable Usb


  • Totally free.
  • No need to install other apps.


  • Not available on newer macOS (Mojave and later).
  • USB may not be bootable for certain dmg files.

Part 2: How to Burn DMG to USB on Windows PC & Mac (Bootable)

UUByte DMG Editor is a versatile application that can help you burn DMG files to a USB drive on Windows PC and Mac. The interface is very simple, and all you need to do is click a few times and the job is done for you. DMG Editor gives you the option of creating macOS bootable USB drive for installation, and is the perfect tool for transporting your DMG files in their ISO avatar. Assuming you have a USB drive with enough capacity, it can hold several programs.

DMG Editor doesn't require any technical expertise because it is specifically designed for new users who may not be comfortable handling disk images. All the hard work is done behind the scenes, and the layout is intuitive enough for any novice to figure out what to do. For first-time users, here's a small guide for using it to burn .dmg file to a USB drive.

Key Features of DMG Editor

  • Make USB bootable after burning to USB.
  • Able to edit DMG file and recreate it.
  • Also support burning to CD or DVD disc.
  • Easily extract files from DMG file.

Step 1: Install UUByte DMG Editor

Install DMG Editor after downloading it from the official site. Insert your USB drive into a free port.

Step 2: Insert USB Drive and Import DMG File

Launch DMG Editor and select the 'Burn' option, which will take you to a new window.

Step 3: Start Burning DMG to USB

Select the DMG file and specify the destination, which is your USB drive. Click on Burn. That's it! In a few moments your USB drive containing the DMG file will be ready.

Step 4: Install macOS from USB

When the burning process is completed, you will get to the following screen. Please open the foot link and take a full read, which tells you how to install macOS from external USB drive.

Using DMG Editor to create macOS bootable USB is an easy task because there is no command involved and the user interface is intuitive. That's why it is favored by thousands of users across the world.


  • Create bootable macOS installer from dmg file.
  • Easy to use.
  • Extract content from DMG file on PC.
  • Support latest macOS Catalina.


  • Premium software.
  • Lack support for old Mac OS X.

Part 3: Convert DMG to ISO and Burn ISO to USB

In certain instances, you may want to use a Windows computer instead of a Mac, which means you won't have the disk utility. Besides, Windows can't natively handle DMG files, so you will need to convert it into an ISO disk image that Windows can work with. Follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1: Download the DMG file and then convert it to ISO using a free online conversion service like YouConvertIt.

Step 2: Once you do this, you can use another utility like ISO Editor to burn the ISO file to a USB drive.

Remember, even if you convert the DMG to ISO, it's still Mac-compatible only, so you can't use it to install the program on a Windows system. However, it's helpful when your own system is a Windows PC and you want to burn the DMG file to a USB drive. In this case, you will need to convert it back to the DMG format for the installation.

Mac os dmg to bootable usb


  • Completely free.
  • More options available for burning ISO image.
Mac Os Dmg Bootable Usb


  • Take much more time.
  • USB not bootable.

Part 4: How to Burn DMG to USB on Windows 10/8/7

Mac Os X Sierra Dmg Bootable Usb

If you're on a Windows PC, another way to burn a DMG file to a USB drive is to use TransMac. This is very useful if your Mac has become unbootable and you only have a Windows alternative. In such cases, you can use TransMac to burn the DMG file for Mac OS X (whatever version you want to install on your broken Mac) to a USB drive and do the installation that way.

To install Mac OS X, you're going to need a USB with at least 16 GB of free space. Also, it's better to take a backup of existing data so you don't lose it during the burn process. Follow the steps below to use TransMac:

Step 1: Download an original copy of TransMac to a Windows PC. The 14-day trial will let you execute the process we're going to describe, so go ahead and install it.

Step 2: Download the DMG file for the version of Mac OS X that you want to install. Now launch TransMac, but make sure to run it as the Administrator. Click on 'Run' once the application is launched, and insert the USB flash drive.

Step 3: The next step can be a little confusing because, normally, you would select the DMG or ISO file first before selecting the destination drive. Here, it's the other way around. In the main window, right-click on the USB drive in the left-side panel, then select 'Restore with Disk Image'.

Step 4: You'll get a warning popup. Select 'Yes' if you've backed up the contents of the USB drive, or else click 'No', backup the drive and then resume the process at Step 3.

Step 5: This is where you select the disk image, so go ahead and choose your Mac OS X .DMG file and click 'Ok'. The DMG file will now be burned to the drive you specified.


  • Make bootable USB installer from dmg image.
  • Format disk to Mac compabile partition.
  • Create new disk image.


  • Only 15 days of free trial.
  • Costly price ($59).

Mac Os X Dmg Bootable Usb


All of these methods work well, so it's just a matter of preference and convenience, and depends on whether you have a Mac or a Windows PC. On a Mac, Disk Utility may show you some errors when burning a DMG file to a drive. Similarly, when you use a Windows system, converting DMG to ISO could corrupt the file, making it unusable once you convert it back to DMG. That's why we recommended YouConvertIt for that. Based on all these factors, choose the method that will work best for your specific situation.