Mac Boot From Usb

  1. Mac Boot From Usb Stick
  2. Mac Boot From Usb Linux
  3. Mac Boot From Usb Flash Drive
  4. Mac Boot From Usb Drive
  • This Mac OS 9.2.2 'boot kit' was made by @that-ben and makes the process of booting (and installing) Mac OS 9 on any G3 and most G4's from an USB stick a little bit easier, because not all the Mac OS 9 install CD images can be used to boot a Mac from an unlocked volume (such as from an USB stick or hard drive).
  • Boot your Mac from a USB drive. Having made your flash drive bootable, you can use it on many different devices to install macOS. Here’s how to install macOS from an OS X boot USB drive: 1. Connect the carrier to the Mac you want to install the OS on. Open the installation manager.

I struggled to install MAC OS virtual machine and was able to progress with the article Thanks to Cem Arslan.


But later I found that it can be done with out creating VMDK file.

NOTE: How to create bootable installation media can be found in below article

Once your bootable USB is ready, follow the below steps to connect to your Virtual Box and install the OS

  • Create a new virtual machine with below minimum requirements. Installation will stuck inbetween if the requirement is not met
Mac Boot From Usb

Part 4: Boot Mac from macOS USB Drive for Installation. Now remove the USB drive and insert it into the Mac computer. To boot from the disk, you need to hold down the option key when you hear the boot chime. This will take you to the Startup Disk Manager, where you should be able to see the USB drive.

Mac Boot From Usb Stick

Mac boot from usb stick

Connect your USB to the host system and add it in your newly created VM

Now execute the below command to unmount from host system. Else VM can't use it

Mac Boot From Usb Linux

Mac boot from usb command

Mac Boot From Usb Flash Drive

Now your VM will boot into bootable USB and start MAC OS installation.

NOTE: After selecting language, make sure to erase the Virtual Hard Disk using Disk Utility before proceeding with Installation of MAC OS. Else the hard disk will not be visible to use.

Mac Boot From Usb Drive

If still boot by USB is not succeed and you see shell prompt, follow the steps mentioned in below article to manually change the boot order and make your VM boot into USB.