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I’ve been playing with implementing and benchmarking various FFT implementations as Matlab mex files under OSX. I use the excellent homebrew as my package management system. I wanted to compare the vDSP FFT routines from the Apple Accelerate framework against FFTW. Installing FFTW is as simple as typing brew install fftw from the command line. However, when linking fftw against the mex file, the mex compiler tool in Matlab will always want to dynamically link the library (think version problems and other P.I.T.A.). Now it is possible to add -static to your linker flags in the mexopts.sh file (found in ~/.your_matlab_version/mexopts.sh), but then this will then break the build if you try to include the Accelerate framework simultaneously (see previous post). Hmmmm.


Luckily, it is super easy to edit a brew formula. From the terminal, just type brew edit fftw. This brings up the formula details. From here it is possible to remove all of the dynamic linking options by just removing the flags in the args variable, so your formula ends up looking like this …

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After removing and reinstalling fftw, matlab will automatically statically link it against the mex file. Perhaps not the most elegant solution, but a simple solution nonetheless.

What Is Homebrew? - Definition From Techopedia

May 26, 2021 Homebrew (brew) is a free and open-source package manager that allows installing apps and software in macOS, depending on the user’s desire. It has been recommended for its simplicity and effectiveness in saving time and effort. Its famous description is “The missing package manager for macOS”. Installing and using the Homebrew package manager on OSX to add open source tools to your CLI. This allows you to add packages and extend the. Answer (1 of 2): It’s so called package manager. It can install command line tools along with their dependencies. You can install apache with all tools/libraries needed by running just one command.

Homebrew Osx Install

C OSX; Install GOG Galaxy Client on Mac OSX; Install. Cos brew; installer mariadb mac brew; install mariadb on mac without homebrew; homebrew no my.cnf. The Missing Package Manager for macOS (or Linux). It’s all Git and Ruby underneath, so hack away with the knowledge that you can easily revert your modifications and merge upstream updates.