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Sonos's newest portable speaker is smaller and lighter than the company's existing Move, and expected to retail for $169, with devices shipping on April 20. According to The Verge, the Sonos Roam. Sonos has officially unveiled the 'Sonos Roam', a new ultra-portable smart speaker that works with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Fully connected to your Sonos system on WiFi at home and automatically.

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Connect Macbook To Sonos Speaker

At this point, the Sonos speaker (or multiple speakers) should be introduced to your home Wi-Fi network. But, again, we couldn't get this to work. After a couple of failed attempts we tapped on Alternative Setup, which involves connecting one Sonos speaker to the router using an Ethernet cable. Move sounds great even when placed next to a wall or on a shelf. For best performance, leave at least 1' (2.5 cm) space around the back of the speaker. It’s ultra durable. With a tough outer shell and IP56 rating, Sonos Move is built to withstand falls, bumps, moisture, dust, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Click Connect to Existing System. Follow the on-screen instructions. Click Next on the 'Connected' screen. Choose whether or not you'd like to set up your music library. Click Set up my music now and Sonos will take you through the process of adding your personal music library to the controller app. Hi David, connect the Logitech Bluetooth receiver to Sonos Connect’s analog input, then with Sonos S1 app, set the Sonos connect as the source and stream to your Sonos Play 1s. A replacement for Sonos Connect is the Sonos Port. If you need to power analog speakers, you will need the Sonos Amp. Well you have on one hand a digital, Wifi system of speakers. On the other hand a computer that connects to Wifi. Seems pretty reasonable to expect one to send audio to the other. And truth is, it wouldn't be so hard for Sonos to provide drivers for Mac and Windows that route sound to the speakers (such things exists for Chromecast for example).

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If you’re a Sonos user looking to bring deeper iPhone, iPad, and Siri integration to your smart speakers, Soro is a new iOS app to accomplish just that. The app is designed to give you additional features for controlling your Sonos speakers with Siri and the Shortcuts app.

The developer explains the idea behind Soro:

Soro extends Siri and the Shortcuts app with 24 new actions to control your Sonos speakers. Create quick actions and workflows to control your speakers with the Shortcuts app using widgets, Siri voice commands, or automations.

In total, Soro includes 24 actions that you can integrate with the Shortcuts app. Those actions include:

  • Group/Ungroup
  • Set Volume
  • Play/Pause/Stop
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Load music from your “My Sonos” to your speaker or your speakers list
  • Load URL
  • Set a Sleep Timer
  • Set Line-In input
  • Set TV input
  • Change Repeat/Shuffle
  • Adjust Equalizer Settings (Treble/Bass/Loudness/Trueplay)
  • Turn Speech Enhancement On/Off
  • Turn Night Mode On/Off
  • Adjust subwoofer and surround sound settings

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Using these Soro actions in the Shortcuts app, you can create a variety of powerful automations to control your Sonos speakers. For example, you could create a shortcut that sets the volume, groups multiple speakers together, and begins playing your music, all without actually interacting with the Sonos app itself.

Once you create the Sonos automations in the Shortcuts application, you can then use your custom Siri phrase to control your Sonos speakers. You can also run the shortcuts directly from the Shortcuts application, or by adding the Shortcuts widget to your iPhone or iPad’s home screen.

Mac To Sonos Beam

And if you don’t know where to start, Soro includes a variety of example automations that can show you some possible automations. Soro is available on the App Store as a one-time purchase of $5.99, with no other in-app purchases or subscriptions.

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