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  2. The first “Caffeine” clone-like atmosphere with some additional features. If you’re looking for an app like “Caffeine” or you like simple operations, you might like it. By the way, this app is notarized by Apple for enhanced security from macOS 10.14 Mojave, so the risk is low. Download source. Link of the author’s app introduction.
  3. Sep 26, 2018 The Caffeine app for preventing sleep/screen lock is not working on macOS Mojave. Did I miss a setting to FAQ on making it work with macOS 10.14?
  4. Learn the ins and outs of using macOS Mojave, the latest operating system for your Mac. This course includes more than 60 video tutorials and more than 7 hours of video instruction. It begins by showing you the basics of the desktop and then goes into detail about using the Finder, Safari, Mail, TextEdit, Preview and other basic apps.

A practical and user-oriented utility specially designed prevent your Mac from going to sleep, starting the screen saver or dimming the screen

What's new in Caffeine 1.1.3:

Step 6: Install Mojave. If your Mac shipped with MacOS Mojave, restart and hold down the Shift, Option, Command, and R keys simultaneously. Doing so will automatically install Mojave from an image.

  • New:
  • Support for macOS Mojave, Catalina (including Dark Mode)
  • Release is now notarized by Apple.
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Caffeine is an unobtrusive status bar menu application designed to help you make sure your Mac remains active for a certain period of time. This is very useful if you need to prevent the action of your screensaver, or of the energy saver tool, without manually changing your settings.

Easy to use software solution that can prevent your Mac from going to sleep

Upon launch, Caffeine will place a small menulet in your status bar, and you can activate the app functionalities with a simple mouse click. Note that via the Preferences window you can setup the default time period used by Caffeine: indefinite, 5/10/15/30 minutes, or 1/2/5 hours.

Caffeine mac mojave price

In addition, you can manually select the time period by right clicking on the Caffeine status bar icon, and manually selecting the appropriate entry from the list. Other customization options include the possibility to start the application at login, or when you power on your computer.

Simple yet very efficient solution for preventing your Mac from going to sleep

If you want to watch a movie, to run a presentation, or to perform any action that does not require active user involvement on your Mac, your energy saving settings might interfere with your goal: the computer might go to sleep, the screen might dim down, or you screen saver might become active after a certain period of time.

Of course, you can deactivate these settings, but manually dealing with the task takes time, and you might simply forget about at least one of them.

Caffeine is a small Mac app that can help you deal with this issue but keeping your Mac’s screen active for as long as you like. However, keep in mind that this might lead to overheating, so make sure to promptly deactivate the app when you are done.

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Caffeine 1.1.3

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Caffeine App Mac Mojave

macOS 10.14 Mojave is one of the most highly lauded desktop operating systems developed by Apple, Inc. It comes with a slew of new features and enhancements that's geared towards a smoother and more delightful user experience. If you haven't upgraded yet, we'll show you all the possible ways to download macOS Mojave so you can create a bootable macOS USB for installation and start to enjoy the benefits that millions of other users around the world are already seeing from this upgrade, such as Dark Mode, Continuity Camera, Stacks and the Voice Memos app.

Caffeine for macos mojave

Downloading macOS Mojave can get a little confusing because there are two types of downloads. One is the basic stub installer file that's about 22-23 MB, but the full size installer is about 5.8 to 6 GB. The stub installer does fetch all the other required content once you do the installation, but if you need the full installer so you can put Mojave on a different computer, then there are several ways to do that.

macOS Mojave DMG Direct Download Link

The legit way to download or install macOS Mojave provided by Apple is through Mac App Store, where you can get the macOS Mojave install app but it is can be used by other programs for installation. You need addtional settings to make it work. However, some of the tech experts are smart enough and grab the direct download link of macOS Mojave.

macOS 10.14.1 DMG Direct Download Link 1:

macOS 10.14.1 DMG Direct Download Link 2:

macOS 10.14.1 ISO Direct Download link (for Windows PC User):

In addition, you can also download the install dmg from other file hosting or torrent sites. This method is a little risky unless you know the website you're downloading from. For example, some websites that offer direct downloads for macOS Mojave will actually give you version 10.14.1, which is an update rather than the full OS installer. Others might even just serve you the stub installer.

To avoid this, try and read some genuine user reviews before attempting this approach. For that reason, there's no particular site that we recommend. However, that's not to say that there aren't genuine sites that offer the full installer. Most are free, but some might ask for donations via PayPal. If their version works out for you, it's up to you whether you want to pay them a small amount for their trouble.

p.s you need to burn mojave dmg to USB to make it a bootable media for macOS installation. After that, you can use the bootable USB to install macOS on the current or another Mac.

Caffeine Macos Mojave

Use Download Manager to Get Mojave DMG Installer

macOS Mojave Patcher is a third-party utility that can be downloaded from the dosdude1 website, and is required to get the full 6GB DMG installer file for macOS Mojave.

As a first step, download the patch utility and run it on a Mac PC or laptop. Note that some Mac computers are not supported by this software, so check the list of compatible devices before getting the app. Within the app, click on the Tools option in the top toolbar and select Download macOS Mojave… The keyboard shortcut for this is Command+D. You'll see a pop-up notification asking you to confirm the download. Click Yes to download the full installer, which should be around 6000MB.

Download macOS Mojave DMG Installer from Mac App Store


If all you need is the stub installer for an upgrade from an existing macOS installation, it's even easier because it's just a question of simple and direct download from Apple's servers. However, this version can't be used for a clean install on a different computer because it won't contain the needed applications to create bootable media on a USB or DVD. For that, you are better off using the first method.

Caffeine mac download

Go to App Store app on your Mac and search for macOS Mojave, then click the Get button next to it. This file will be called Install macOS, and all you need to do is click the Download button in the Software Update utilitiy that automatically launches when you click on Get in the App Store. You will need to enter your Mac credentials when prompted.

Again, remember that this is merely the stub installer, so it's only useful for upgrading current macOS to Mojave, not able to do a clean install on a different computer.

Re-Download Mojave with Mojave Running

Another way to get the stub installer is when you're already running macOS Mojave on your computer. The process is the same as the one described in Method 2, so you can follow the steps described above.

In certain cases, however, this method won't work because the Get button might not be available. It might show you that the OS is already installed, which means the button is greyed out and basically useless to you.

Abort the Reboot after Running macOS

This method is a sort of gimmick that tricks the stub installer into downloading all the required files for a full installation, and then aborting the process right before your computer reboots to actually go into the installation. This is not for the feint-of-heart because it requires commands to be run in Terminal, the command line interface in Mac.

Get the stub installer from the App Store and run it. You'll see several prompts, which you just need to follow by clicking through each. When you see the countdown timer for the reboot, hit the Cancel button.

At this point, all the files for the full installer have been downloaded, but they still need to be packaged in order to work. For this, run the following three commands in Terminal (Applications > Utilities), clicking Enter after each one:
sudo -s
mkdir /Applications/Install macOS
cd /macOS Install Data
find . -mount cpio -pvdm /Applications/Install macOS

Now go to the directory where you saved the original stub installer, and you'll see that it has magically turned into a 6GB file, which is the full installer.


These are all the possible ways to download macOS Mojave to your computer so you can create bootable media for a macOS installation. If you're aware of other methods or genuine sites for downloading the full DMG file from macOS Mojave 10.14, please do share it with our readers in the comments section.