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  • Dec 15, 2013 BetterZip lets you quickly inspect archives without first extracting their contents. This archive password manager helps you work with encrypted archives. You can have BetterZip collect a list of.
  • BetterZip uses it to encrypt the password manager vault. While the password manager is unlocked, the master password will be securely stored in the macOS keychain. When locked, it will be removed from there and you will only be able to access the vault by entering the correct password.

BetterZip uses it to encrypt the password manager vault. While the password manager is unlocked, the master password will be securely stored in the macOS keychain. When locked, it will be removed from there and you will only be able to access the vault by entering the correct password.

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BetterZip 5.0b13 Multilingual macOS File size: 14.5 MB
BetterZip is a fully-featured and user-friendly Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to compress files and folders, edit existing archives, preview their content and password protect sensitive data.

What's New in BetterZip 4:
Here is a short list of the most important new features and enhancements in the latest generation of BetterZip.
Integration with Other Apps
- The new Finder extension puts all your presets in the Finder's toolbar. Select some files in Finder, click the BetterZip button and choose one of your presets from the drop-down menu to create an archive with these files. Of course, you can also invoke any of your extraction presets on selected archives.
- BetterZip 4 lets you define as many services as you like instead of the preconfigured two that prior versions offered. Use the tools menu in the preset configuration to add a service for the preset with a name of your choosing.
- BetterZip 4 also comes with Automator actions for extracting and compressing as part of a workflow.
- And BetterZip 4 interacts nicely with other apps like Alfred, LaunchBar, and DropZone.
- All this is made possible by enhanced AppleScript support.
The Favorites Sidebar Received Some Love
In the new version you can rename, copy, move, and delete archives, open an archive in a new window or a new tab, display and treat multi-volume archives as one item. You can also choose to show all files in the sidebar instead of only archives. Also, Finder labels!
New Drop Bar
Drop files on the new Drop Bar with drop areas for your favorite presets to instantly compress or extract them.
Navigation Bar
Drill into folders by double-clicking them like in Finder. A folder path is displayed above the archive contents which gives you easy navigation to all parent folders and allows you to drop items directly into them.
Keep Archives Free of Mac Stuff
When modifying an archive that currently has no Mac specific stuff (metadata, Finder settings, etc.) in it you can now keep all Mac stuff out, add Mac stuff to the archive, or be asked every time what you want to do. Set your preferred option on the General tab of the BetterZip preferences.Betterzip password manager
Repair RAR Archives
If you install the external rar command line tool, BetterZip 4 can try to repair damaged archives when opening or extracting them. Recovery volumes are now treated like other parts of a multi-volume rar archives.
Other New Features in Version 4
- Instead of moving extracted archives to the trash after successful extraction, BetterZip can now move them to any folder.
- Open new formats thanks to XADArchive.framework: PDF - extract bitmap images from PDF files. SWF - extract images and music from Flash files. Both formats are, of course, not primarily archives and are treated as normal files. You can open them as archives by holding down the alt/option key while opening them. Or you can remove them from the blacklist in the preferences (on the 'File Types' tab).
- Added zipx and sitx format support.
- Option to display folders above files (menu View > Sort Folders Above Files).
- You can now specify in save presets whether you want to create individual archives when compressing through the operations queue. It's no longer a global setting. Together with the new dynamic services this opens some very cool possibilities.
- Another global option has been moved into the preset: When compressing one folder through the operations queue, don't include the folder itself, but add only its contents in the root of the archive. Together with the option to create individual archives, you can now select a number of folders and compress them through a BetterZip service into individual archives that each don't include the folders themselves.
- Save presets can now add comments to archives.
- Empty windows now show a drop area for files.
- The password manager can now import a list of passwords (one password per line).
- The preview sidebar can now display more file types by using Quick Look.
- Choose a preset from inside the save/open panel and its settings will be loaded.
- The previously 'hidden' settings were moved into the preferences window.
- The preferences window can now be resized.
- Added xip and pkg as recognized archive filename extensions. (Not all pkg formats are supported, only xar based.)
- Notifications now include whether archive extraction, creation, and tests succeeded or failed.
- Tar based archives are now extracted faster when using the queue.
- If an archive disappears (e.g., when it is deleted or the disk it resides on is ejected), you will now get a warning with the option to close the window.
The 'Extract with Preset' drop-down box in the QuickLook generator didn't work in macOS 10.13 High Sierra. The Automator actions didn't use the selected preset when the workflow was saved as an app. When adding files to an existing archive in Direct Mode, BetterZip falsely reported that the archive has disappeared although the operation was completed just fine. When compressing a multi-volume RAR archive and ending up with one single part because the archive is smaller than the specified volume size, BetterZip displayed an error. Extra folder creation set to 'Always' still didn't work correctly for tar.gz. The BetterZip password manager would truncate passwords with non-ASCII characters.
Added a new Italian localization
Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.10 or later.

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BetterZip is a dedicated advanced and professional file compression and encryption tool only for OS X operating systems. It is an expert in creating archive files in almost all popular formats, including Zipping, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TXZ, 7-ZIP, and various other external file formats and command-line tools. At present, it is supporting almost thirty-plus archive formats that can open all types of file formats. Its core features are creating & update, open & extract, preview, protect, a password manager & password generator, preview, etc. Recently BetterZip has got updating in the shape of the opening and extracting the even winmail.dat, Apple disk images or dmg, and ePub files.

The best about BetterZip is that it allows the users, before extracting any folder or pack file, to get the preview of that first to decide whether they should go for that or not. He can also select for any specific file from that instead of unpacking the whole one and thus can save time by exactly getting what is most important. Last but not least, BetterZip has a proper system for setting passwords on files and folders while compressing them to maintain their privacy.

#1 7-Zip

Betterzip Password

7-Zip is an open-source for multiple operating systems used to manipulate archiving various formats of files, including 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, and TAR. Its core features are packing & unpacking, strong AES-256 encryption in 7z & ZIP formats, self-extracting capability, integration with Windows shell, powerful manager, power command line version, the plugin for RAR manager, etc. It is a multi-platform tool that can be used for various home and organizational purposes.

Its main benefits are that it provides the user with a high compression ratio using LZMA and LZMA2 compression tools. Most of the users are unaware of the fact that they can use it for setting passwords on their files as well. While compressing any file or folder, the users are allowed to add passwords that enhance their security. It will be impossible for the other tools to unlock this file or folder. It also reduces the size of the data as well.


#2 WinRAR


WinRAR is a file archiver and compressor software for almost all operating systems. It enables the users to create archives in RAR or ZIP file formats and unpack various file formats. The notable features include are packing & unpacking various file formats, RAR archives support for maximum file size 16 EiB per minute, ability to create multi-volume archives and self-extracting files, options for de-duplication, and many more. Either compression or decompression of data has become a benchmark and is widely used for these functions.

Though it is a powerful archive manager, it also features a data backup facility. It can reduce email attachments and decompress RAR, ZIP, and other files downloaded from the internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. Before purchasing, a free version may also be used as a trial. Using this program, the users can easily process the RAR and ZIP files without facing any further issues or requirements. If you want to send safe emails to your friends, use WinRAR to compress the data and send it to the other person. In addition to reducing the size of the file, it will keep the email virus-free.

#3 Pea Zip


Pea Zip is a free and cross-platform file archive and file manager utility. This lightweight yet powerful tool supports almost a hundred plus archive formats, including the most popular 7z, ISO, LHA, PAR, ZIP, ZIPX, PAQ, PAR, TAR, and dozens of others. It is basically the pack of those tools that provide the users with a comprehensive system of extraction, creation, and conversion of multiple archives. By using this application, the users can get the various functions in the shape of file archiving & compression, availability of free RAR file extractor, encryption of files & folders, and the making of backup.

The other additional feature of Pea Zip is its system for creating a backup for those users who want to ensure the security of their private data. In this section, they will be provided with the system of adding strong and two authentication systems over their important files by utilizing the encrypted password manager feature of the Pea Zip for making the files secure and even the backup.


#4 Universal Extractor


Universal Extractor lets users extract files from almost all archive formats that were prevailing about four years ago. It basically has been discounted means no further development has been made in the existing version. However, it can still be downloaded from its website and can be used to extract files from an archive, either a simple ZIP file or from the Windows Installer package in the shape of .msi.

Even though it has been discontinued, it is still best in archiving various many types of files formats. The recent version of Universal Extractor supports almost one hundred file formats that are still hard to find in other same-like programs. You can use it in the case of extracting the old files. You can also use it for archiving the RAR, ZIP, and self-extracting EXE files and applications installer.

#5 Mr. Zipper


Betterzip Password Recovery

Mr. Zipper is a simple yet powerful compression and extraction tool, especially for users of OS X. It is a zipping and unzipping tool that supports various personalized tools. The features of this tool are unlimited that are supports for almost all types of extraction and compression formats, two compressions & extractions modes, a personalized output folder, protection of data, and supports for large archives files to split them. It is also an expert in browsing images or files inside archiving and file folders, and many more.

Mr. Zipper is featured rich with a bunch of technical features like, user-friendly, support the drag and drop system, quick overview system, extracting a specific portion only, manual mode to select the desired files, encryption of data by setting the password, support for all size of files and many others.

#6 Express Zip


ExpressZip is a free-to-use and multiplatform file compression and extraction software for Mac X OS and Windows operating systems. It is basically used for creating, managing, and extracting zipped files and folders. Its advantages include fast and efficient file packing and unpacking file formats and compressing files for email transmission. If you are looking for an extractor to open the RAR, 7Z, TAR, CAB, and any other archive formats, this tool provides you with almost all types of compression and extraction solution.

It is available in both free and paid versions. If you want to use it for home purposes or individual usage only, then even the free version is enough for you. By using this tool, you can avail yourself the features of an efficient file compressor and extractor, managing zip files, encrypted the ZIP files easily, converting the ZIP files from one format to another one, burning even archived files to DVD or CD for backup purpose, setting a password and sharing the files with other easily and simply.

#7 WinZip


WinZip is a multiplatform data compressing and decompressing program that provides OS X and Windows users with the basic features of compression, extraction, encryption, sharing, and data backup. It is an all-in-one file manager and file-sharing tool integrated with cloud storage and social media networks. The best about this platform is that it provides the users with the best compression ratio. You can expect the highest compression and decompression speed and all with minimizing the best possible size of your data as well.

WinZip is currently supporting almost all prevailing archiving formats for both compressing and decompressing/extraction. It is available in two plans of Free and Premium. Its Premium version is available at the price of $29.95. This version is enough for all basic purposes of extraction, compression, and file management.

#8 Bandizip


Bandizip is a free and elegant zip archiver that is totally free for both professional and commercial purposes. It supports almost all file formats, including the popular ones 7Z, RAR, and ZIP. Bandizip can perform various functions better as compared to the other archiver. The other advantages of using this tool are changing code pages, the drag & drop feature available in a very limited archiver, high-speed archiving, and multi-core compression.

Bandizip is rich in supporting almost all types of formats for compression and extraction. Its features include creating or extracting multiple ZIP files simultaneously from the windows explorer, accessing the context menu and optional archive encryption facility using the ZipCrypto and AES 256. There is also a proper system for Unicode where the users can get the internal picture of the characters.

#9 File Roller


File Roller is a featured-rich file archiver that can be employed for creating and modifying the archives. There is a proper system for extracting files from an archive by simply viewing the internal structure of that file and selecting the required file. In addition to supporting the various decompression/extraction formats, it allows the users to get their files saved in almost all types of formats. It even lets the users view the internal content of an archive without actually opening it.

It is important to mention that File Roller can be used for compression and extraction purposes only. It was designed only to support the ZIP and TAR files, but now it provides almost all prevailed formats for compression and decompression. If you want to use this to set the password on your compressed files, it is currently not offering this feature. However, you can still get the insurance of data protection from viruses and other external threats once it compresses the data.

Betterzip Password Finder

#10 Xarchiver


Xarchiver is a free archive manager for the desktop environment only. It is the all-in-one solution for handling archives on the FreeBSD and Linux operating systems. It supports almost all popular and common archive types; however, these are very limited. But its main advantage is that it supports the DEB and RPM packages that the archive manager often overlooks.

However, for this, the users are first required GTK+2 libraries, and then they will be able to get the support for 7Z, ARJ, and RAR archives formats. In addition, the users are required to install the package of xdg-utils to get more and extended features in the shape of support for even more file formats, even though it is not so featured rich in case of supporting the various file formats for compression and decompression yet there is a system for password encryption. Drag and drop facility for better file management is also part of its features.

#11 Zipware

Betterzip Password Manager


Zipware is a free archive manager for extracting multiple archives easily and simply. This simple and fast archive manager provides the users with the best compression ratio where they enjoy the fast compression speed and decrease the size of the file simultaneously. The best about this tool is that despite being very simple, it still supports almost all main and popular archiving formats, including RAR, 7ZIP, and RAR5. It is a tool for the Windows operating system, but it still supports the various formats of Linux operating systems, like GZip and TAR.

Betterzip Password Reset

In terms of supporting the formats for extraction, there is support for all major formats. However, only three formats support Zipware for creation or compression: EXE, 7-Zip, and ZIP. It has a proper password manager that lets the users set the password during the compression and share the password-protected data to others or keep in the system in the shape of backup. It is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating systems.

#12 IZArc


IZArc is a simple yet powerful compression software that offers more than just options to create archives and extract files. The solution supports almost all kinds of files and allows you to download them on Windows and Mac devices. It comes with an easy to understand interface with a drag and drop feature that makes it easier than others.

The best thing about this solution is that it integrates with Windows context to help you quickly extract files from archives. Like the other similar solutions, it also comes with a file encryption feature that encrypts files using AES 256 encryption. IZArc is a comprehensive solution that also offers a lot of core features such as Windows compatibility, countless archives support, and free for everyone, etc.